Monday, December 19, 2011

Glittery Eyes...Taban's Mad...

Glittery Eyes... Taban's Mad...

Monday, 19 December, 2011

I was sitting here thinking about what to write about while Skip is sitting in his soft, leather recliner. He has his red blanket on his legs ... he's very comfortable as he watches King of Queens. Soon, Two and a Half Men will come on and he'll watch it, also. These are his two favorite evening shows, and mine, too.

I was thinking about little Taban who is 4 years old and how I miss him. I was remembering how funny he was during the times he spent time with us last year 'before'... our special times were 'broken'.

One of the times he was at our home he was riding his little bicycle in the house and his blue blanket got caught in the spoke. We pretended we put the bike into the garage by turning it upside down and placing it on 2 chairs so, we could 'work' on it.

While I was being the 'mechanic' he watched while I had to take scissors to cut his blue blanket away from the spoke and chain. He thought it was broken and I got to see Taban make a whole new expression he was just learning. I laughed so much... it was so precious.

I happened to look up and see his precious little face and looked back to what I was doing when... I realized... Taban's doing something with his eyes and I just had to see what it was!

That little fellow was sitting there 'flickering' his eyes like one does when they are trying to show someone they are mad... he was trying to 'narrow' them and look at me while he said 'Granny Gee, I'm mad at you!'

I was so surprised at his new expression he had learned and him telling me he was mad at me! I was so taken aback that ..I began laughing so hard! That made his little eyes 'glitter' ...all the more! It was wonderful!

He soon began to laugh, too. I love him with my very heart. He is such a very special part of my son, Tommy.

We got the blue blanket out of the spoke and chain and he went on to ride it to his heart's content.

I miss those special times with my grandson. The last time he got to come was about 3 months ago... and it was so different. He hadn't been to spend time with us for almost 6 months when the special bond we had was broken. Before..we were close and then... he wasn't as close to me because of time that went by. Even when on the phone with his mother... he didn't run to speak to me.

He had another man in his life... and I know life was different for him. I know because of that, the special bond we had was ...'broken'. I miss you with my very heart, Taban. Your Granny Gee loves you with her very heart.

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  1. Just remember some day your grandson will be 18 and no one will be able to stop him from seeing his Granny Gee! Hang in there Granny Gee! Love, Ms. Nancy