Monday, December 19, 2011

I Like To Walk To Walk On Sand... At The Beach

Monday, December 19, 2011

I was thinking this morning as I swept up the sand 'grits' that the Pups do bring in from outside sometimes.. through their petdoor. I was thinking that I always sweep up any 'sand' all during the day and each morning because.. I like to walk on a I Don't Like To Walk On Sand...Unless It's At The Beach

clean, smooth floor when I am barefooted.

I was also, wiping countertops down as I always do each morning 'just in case' the night before we may have left condensation from a glass or maybe it could be sticky if Skip had lemon out and we ate oranges last night... there 'could be a sticky place' ...somewhere! I love clean countertops.

I remember and so does alot of people.......... many years ago... when my cousin Jimmy came to stay with us once. He would go to different family members to stay for a period of time and 'move on'. He dearly loved his coffee and would drink it while reading his newspaper and smoking his cigarette. He'd always leave ... sugar.. on the countertop! I couldn't stand for the sugar to be left there... and really thinking about it 'now'.... it really wasn't a big thing. He would become upset if one mentioned it to him... no matter, he'd never think to take a dishcloth and wipe it off. Really... I think his mind was... 'off somewhere else and he was on his way to be there with it.' He was a deep thinker and he wrote and he painted... his mind was occupied all the time... with something.

I become frustrated at myself if ... I mess up the countertop or the floor .. if I spill something. I am fussing as I clean it up and I'm 'just plain' irritated at.. myself. I don't like to mess up anything, especially after I've cleaned. I'm afraid I'd become irritated also, at anyone else if they came behind me and did the same.

I flip up rugs if the corners are turned.. everywhere I go. One could trip and fall on a turned up rug. Besides.... I love to look at the colors and patterns on rugs and I can't see them if... they are flipped over!

I like things to be 'perfect'.... though I know they can't be. I'm a perfectionist but, the 'world doesn't cooperate with me..... nor 'do I' at times!). I want things to work properly and things to look nice... all the time! But... sometimes things look fine.. but, there are imperfections! I have to live with imperfections... I'm not perfect, nothing is perfect. I live in an imperfect world.. and I'm imperfect!

Now...... though I'm not perfect and nothing is perfect........ I like to have things that 'are perfect enough'........ just for me. I like to walk on sand but, I like for it to be at the beach... though at times... sand is 'somewhere' else. I've learned to deal with it.... and I have a .... broom and a... dustpan. :)))))))))

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  1. Any time I have ever been to your house it was always clean!! You are right---no one is perfect but you are very close to it my friend. Love, Ms. Nancy