Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If I Die Before You... If Possible I'll Come Back To Leave A Sign

Months before my mother died I was visiting her and her husband.  It was a good visit and we all were laughing and talking and sometimes, being silly. 

We got on the subject of if I die before you... if at all possible I'll come back to give you a sign.  I asked my mom what sign would she try to give.  She thought for a few minutes and said 'pennies'.  I told her I would do something with happy colors that would be 'me'.  I forgot what her husband said.. but, we all laughed never thinking that someone 'would really' die.  Who wants to think about that?

Later, after she died ....I would find pennies in unusual places.  Not only that, I have several more things that happened that I 'knew' was my Mother.  Strange things....

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