Saturday, December 31, 2011

A LIGHTED PATH... Light To My Path In The Dark

A LIGHTED PATH... Light To My Path In The Dark

Saturday, 31 December, 2011

I got up this morning and noticed through the blinds that it was still dark outside. I have nightlights throughout the house to have a comforting little path of light for me to walk on as I go anywhere in the house.

I walk out into the hall .. my path is lighted as I walk to the living room where........... it's so dark! I can't see where I'm walking now... my path is dark. The nightlight needs a new bulb. I don't like the dark.. no, not at all.

There 'are' things in the dark that ... could... reach out and touch you. They ...could be watching you... and you don't know it... you can't see in the dark. I'm afraid of the dark.

I'm comforted because I know our Pups are just fine.. they moved while they were asleep on our bed. I know that if something wasn't right... they would let me know and.. protect me. I protect our Pups ... our Pups protect us.

I turn from the door to the living room filing the thought in the back of my mind regarding that nightlight (fix it soon as you can!).. and walk into the door close by.. entering the kitchen. There's a nightlight in there.. there's also, a light switch to turn the light on.

Now... my world is lit up with comforting light. I've been thinking 'just alittle, not too much right now'... about why the darkness makes me uncomfortable.. and afraid.

At the old place we moved from... it wasn't dark because I had extra outside nightlights put up by the electric company. Everyone who saw our home up on that 'mountain' thought it looked like ... a UfO! They were placed in a 'triangle' around our home... I didn't plan for it to be like that! :)))) When one drove by at night... it looked like lots of homes were up there on that little mountain.

We lived in a forest and it was so, so dark up there... though, there was lots of light was still so dark just past the glows of light from the lights on the poles. Thankfully... here, where we moved in February to... we have lots of light all around... excepting the front of the house. I don't like that at all... it's so dark unless you stand outside and let your eyes adjust to the dark to see.

I don't like that the nightlight in my bathroom quit working.. the electrical outlet .. just simply quit working. My blue nightlight meant alot to me in the bathroom... it was comforting to look in my bathroom during the day, and at night... it added 'light to my path in the dark'.

Thankfully the living room there are two of four electrical outlets that work and I can keep a nightlight on in there. On the back porch there's an electrical outlet that has quit working... but, there is wonderful light there.

The light Skip had for his shop just quit working, also. I need to find out if the lights still automatically come on when we park in the stalls there.

I would have never noticed all of this.... but, I'm afraid of the dark... having a path of light to walk on .. means everything to me. I've been in the darkness many times in my life and I know what it feels like to be afraid.... to be really afraid... not just scared... but, to know real... fear.

I like to walk on a path filled with light.. soft, wonderful, comforting light to guide me through the darkness. I'm afraid of the dark.


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  1. Don't feel by yourself! I am afraid of the dark too. I use to tell people in the different places I have worked that if the lights go off--dont' touch me! I will hurt someone in the dark! I don't like dark at all!!! Even though we are grown and going into the senior stage before long, doesn't make me any less scared of the dark! That is something else we have in common! Love, Ms. Nancy