Sunday, December 4, 2011

Milk... I Can't See ...Milk

This is a very strange thing but, it comes from living with my Grandma Alma and George.  They didn't have very much money,  they had to be careful with it.  They ordered their milk from the milkman who would come on his truck and deliver milk and chocolate milk, eggnog and such.  Grandma and George would get what they could afford and it wasn't alot.  There were 6 grandchildren living next door and then, there was me living there in their house and maybe several other grandchildren and their mom.  George didn't want anyone to drink the milk so, Grandma could have it because of her medical condition.  Somehow ..the milk would be gone or almost gone... somebody would drink it.  I never did because I learned not to see it.  To this day it amazes Skip that I can't 'see' milk in the refrigerator and he keeps a gallon in there at all times for us to drink.  I only drink it sometimes but, he has to remind me to.  George looked after my Grandma Alma and he loved her with his heart and she loved him.  I loved to sit and listen to them talk and I loved to sit on the floor beside their chairs and watch tv.  I would describe alot of things we watched on tv to George... I wanted him to 'see' them too.  My favorite times to watch tv with Grandma and George was when the western shows such as Rawhide, Gunsmoke and Bonanza and The Wizard Of Oz and The Lawrence Welk Show and Ed Sullivan and Carol Burnette show came on.  My Grandma and George enjoyed them so much and I would see smiles on their faces because just for a little while they could forget how their bad life was for them.  They were the kind of people who cared so much about everyone and they suffered for it... people took advantage of them.  Anyway.... I love milk, I really do... but, someone has to remind me that it's there and .... I have to know that I'm not 'taking it from anyone'.

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