Friday, December 9, 2011

My Face Came Off!

I was sitting here thinking of Tommy when he was but, a little precious boy about the age of five.  I was in the bathroom waiting for the time to be up to take off the facial mask I'd put on.  It had dried and was ready to come off when.....................

Tommy came to the door curious and wanting to tell me something.  As I looked down into his little face with his blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair my heart 'squeezed' with such love for him.  He was my life.  I was fiercely protective of him.

While looking at him... an idea struck me (you know ...the light bulb moment!).  I began grinning...... and I said to Tommy that I was going to take off my.............. face!!!

Oh no, mommy, please don't take your face off!  His eyes had widen in horror as I... slowly began to
'peel' my face!  I was saying 'oh no, my face is coming off!'  I pulled it and sure enough the mask came off in one piece perfectly... showing holes where the eyes, nose and mouth was!

I watched him and he was really believing me and I began to laugh so much and my heart began to break for the little child standing there who loved me with his heart ...and just knew his mother's face had come off!!!  How I loved my son.  I began comforting him telling that my face was still there and to just look! 

He began to calm down and see....sure enough his mommy's face was still there!   He began to smile and he wrapped his little arms around me!  I wrapped my arms around my precious child who... cared that my face 'came off'!

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