Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Wednesday, 28 December, 2011

Colors... I love colors of every kind. Bright colors, soft colors, loud colors, elegant colors... light or dark colors. I even love neutral colors... all colors are needed to make other colors ..... special!

I'm looking at my coffee mug that Ms Nancy gave me for Christmas... it's cream-colored with leaves of a beautiful shade of green for the mistletoe leaves with berries of burgundy-red and berries of white and gold outlined. The handle is of the same color as the berries.. burgundy-red. The cup is absolutely beautiful and it just ... stands out to me.

The simplest things can become so precious.. with just the right colors. Have you thought about it?

For example, out in Skip's shop there is a chair that has been outside so long in the weather. I took that chair and washed it off and .. I painted it with a soft lavender paint... then... I began to paint flowers on it with colors of yellow and purple... then, leaves of green. Each shade is 'just the right shade'. Now.. the chair wouldn't dare to be left outside... it's too pretty. It could withstand the weather with the paints I use... but, we 'don't want to take the chance of messing it up!'

Everywhere I go... I'm seeing colors. I'm seeing colors of cars, clothes, people, animals ... when people talk... I 'see' their colors. Sometimes, I might not like the colors I see but, every color is beautiful ... when it's used with just the right color.

I don't claim to be knowledgeable about the color wheel and such.. I've never taken art to know about those things. I do claim that I truly love colors, whether it be with a brush, marker, crayon, coloring pencil or ...words. I love to paint ...words.

Pink, fluffy rug, soft yellow towel, pastel green robe, white nightgown with little pastel green dots, red walls with white trim..... I love to paint words! In your mind you can see the colors I just painted before each object! If I said.... the towel, the robe, the nightgown with dots, and walls with its trim... in your mind you wouldn't see.... happy colors!

Colors, wonderful colors make one feel happy. Some colors can and will 'pull us down' if things are so drab.

One example of drab colors that I've paid attention to and listen closely to what other people say... are the huge floors of a nearby Walmart... they are all a drab brown-looking color. They are clean but, there's no color to make a person feel happy... or put a spring in one's step to walk across it.

The air feels 'dark' and the lights brighten and dim automatically... contributing to the 'dark' colors there. The people who work there... well, they are drab, too. How can they help but, to be..... they don't have colors around them to make them feel happy, feel energized. I should dress up in alot of 'wild' colors and go twirling in there, here and there! I bet everyone's eyes would stay on 'me'.... happy colors!

Strangely enough, all the other Walmarts have shiny, white floors and I never heard people talk about them like this one... all are within driving distance from where I live... you can be there in a few minutes. This one Walmart makes people feel 'down' because of the 'drabness... lack of color'.  I don't think they realize they reflect 'lack of color'.... their faces do.

I will say this much about Walmart... I love my fancy stores, but, I'm a dedicated Walmart and Target store shopper! So, I'm not knocking one of my favorite stores! I love you, Walmart! You are the best! Just this one store needs some color to brighten everything... everyone up... their smiles would reflect sunshine in there .. and goodness, people would want to run buying everything! They would be more pleasant to their customers, too. I would even go there all the time... not just once in a while.

I love A.C. Moore and Michael's art stores.... now, before clothes or anything else.......... these are my most favorite stores! There... are the colors of the world, the most exciting place to go and stay as long as I want to ... looking and touching and choosing beads, paints, markers, pens, threads, yarns, books, all kinds of crafting things. Oh my! It's just a 'world of color.. a world of heaven'.... to me!!! Take me there and leave me for several hours with a shopping cart! I would bring the 'rainbow' home with me!

Colors are exciting! I love the feeling of excitement inside when I see just the right colors that make me want to come closer to an object... inviting me to just come on! Come on, Granny Gee! Come on, Gloria! Come on Granny Gloria Gee!

I just read this last paragraph to Skip and looked up at him... he shook his head and said 'you need help!' Ha! He knows how I love happy colors, Tommy knew how special colors are to me.

Colors.... my life stories are different shades of colors... some happy and bright, some dark and darker, some so beautiful and elegant, some of just so many colors of the rainbow.

HappyColors.... I would choose that name instead of my own. I will keep the name Tommy chose for Taban to call me, though. That's 'Granny Gee'... that's most special to me.

Colors..... Colors..... Colors..... Colors..... Colors.....


  1. I like happy colors too. I wear a lot of dark colors because they help "hide" some of the weight I have gained. When I was small, I wore light colors. Ever noticed all my walls are white? That is because I like "light" colors because it makes it easier to to do things inside my home. I chose white because I can use other colors to match it in different rooms. Yep! I can change my items to whatever color I want because my walls are white! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I'm a Happy Colours person speciality is ODD SOCKS. I have a drawer full of them....whenever I wear socks I always just reach in and take 2 socks.....whichever ones come out, I wear....but only if they're NOT the same.

    The beautiful Sister-in-law gave me a pair of Edmund Capon Designer Socks for my birthday,(Edmund Capon is the Director of the Art Gallery of NSW). My Sister-in-Law passed away 3 years ago, and I have worn my odd socks ever since.....but I didn't have to buy any more of the expensive Designer ones....I realized that I already had a drawer full of my there you me strange...whatever.....people often remark about them, sometimes comment, but it makes me happy to think that I'm giving someone something to think about.