Friday, December 9, 2011

Precious Pups... You Are Our World

Kissy can talk.  He will walk up to Skip or myself and stand.... looking straight into our faces to tell us something.  He will move his mouth and begin doing his growling/talking voice.  We will talk back with him all the time really wondering 'what did he say'?

He prances around and will 'shorten' himself to be like a little puppy when he is so happy.  What a pleasure it is to have him. 

I have cried alot through time since May, 2010....when we lost a big part of our world....Tommy....... both Kissy and Chadwick will come to nudge me and be close to me and lay down on my feet.  The comfort they both have brought through all of the grief and tears... is immeasurable.  I am so thankful for them.

They are fiercely protective of us and are always on alert.  We are the same way about them.  They are our family now... I miss you, Tommy.  You never knew Kissy but, you loved Chadwick and the famous Fairchild, whom Kissy was named after. 

Chadwick is so gentle and he is light as a feather, yet, strong as the biggest dog.  He is lightening fast and can run like a whippet!  We enjoy watching him run in their fenced-in yard. 

Precious Pups, you really are our world... here.. at home.  We go and we come home to you... when we are gone...we worry about you.  We always hurry to get home to.... make sure Kissy and Chadwick are alright.

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