Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Spice Of Life' and .... Those 'Clean' Underwear!

I have been thinking about what I wrote yesterday about 'putting on the same underwear'... only just for a moment!  Until I realized 'oh my God!  I have put the same underwear on again!'

I only had them on for a 'second'.... now!  It's the idea even if they are still 'clean'.......  I wrote about it because I see humor in it ........ and like me.. there are many people (and I bet you have too!) who have done this!  I know I am going to write about even funnier things in the future... because ..they really do happen! 

That's real life.... the life we all live everyday.. though we 'fool ourselves' that it doesn't happen to us..... 'I've been there and I've done that.. I tried to be perfect and guess what?  It isn't possible.'  So... 'now' ...I am going to 'expose' .... how we fool ourselves into thinking that 'we'd never do that or do this'.... oh yes, you do!  You might try not to but..... life happens.  Life is that way.  That's what I call the spice of life... it's thrown in when least expected ..... causing such reactions out of us... no two alike!

It's 'real' life and ..... I'm a 'real' person... I don't apologize... not at all!  :))))  Now.. I do have this habit of thinking back through each day hoping I haven't said or done something make myself 'look like a fool'.  I really hate to get embarassed or feel embarassed.... because it affects my whole day and maybe the next day.. until it 'gets old'...... then, the power of whatever embarassed me..... goes away!

I asked myself all these questions I have 'just for checking out myself' know if I've embarassed myself.  Well...............'underwear, panties' ... seems alittle embarassing to 'say out loud'.  Now.. I don't really like the power of words to affect me like that... in this case I can do something about it.. as you'll see below:

Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties!
Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties!
Underwear! Panties! Underwear!  Panties! Underwear! Panties!
Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties!
Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties!

I've written it until... the power of those particular words don't bother me anymore!  Nope, I'm not embarassed anymore!  Though... I won't just go strike up a conversation on 'underwear or panties'... a person can get into alot of 'trouble' here.... no one wants to hear about 'your underwear or panties'... or maybe they  My point is that I worried if I felt embarassed at what I wrote ..yesterday.... my answer is ..'Nope'.  I still hold my ground on that one!

If you 'think past' ...what I wrote in my words....... that's your fault.  I only thought 'as far' as my words were written..... and that's my story.... 'and I'm sticking to it'.  :))))))  Underwear! Panties! Underwear! Panties!

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  1. Oh yeah!!! We all wear "underwear and panties"!! Those who don't----need to keep it to theirselves! No need to be embarrassed about it. Although sometimes I am embarressed about my outer clothes (especially if I split them)! Love, Ms. Nancy