Friday, December 23, 2011



December 23, 2011

This morning Skip and I were getting ready to leave when he noticed something strange. We park our vehicles under the carport and mine is parked next to his pickup in the next stall.

My Expedition needs a new serpentine belt on it and it'll be replaced soon. My battery will have to be recharged, as well. So, what happened next 'wasn't possible'.. but, it really happened and Skip and I, both... saw it.

We were handling some of Tommy's things prior to seeing this. We were getting into Skip's pickup when Skip said 'why are your lights on ..on your running board?' I got back out of Skip's pickup and walked over to my Expedition and sure enough... the lights were shining brightly on the running board. My mouth fell open as I turned around to look at Skip

I couldn't believe what I was seeing ..though I do believe that things do happen because... I've been witness to them.

The doors were tightly shut on my Expedition and I checked the other side of it ...the doors were tightly shut. The strange thing is that the battery hasn't been charged up yet. The battery is... dead, completely discharged.

Of course... we both instantly think 'Tommy' .. I 'know' things are possible because ...the 'impossible' has happened in my life. Things that I never talk about very often... things that only mean anything to me.

Those running board lights were burning brightly and then, went off and on.. and stayed off. It was so strange and I know strange things really do happen... I'm glad we both saw this.

This is one of those things without explanation.... it is what it

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  1. Ithink you should be comforted that it is Tommy's spirit manifesting itself to you and Skip to help you feel better. He will always be with you. Maybe he is trying to tell you to not be crying all the time. It is not your time to go, enjoy the precious moments of life while you have it. I came into your life again after Tommy passed. Maybe it was Tommy that helped inspire that. I like to feel that is what happened. The living learn from the dead I feel.