Sunday, December 25, 2011



Sunday, December 25, 2011

I received a email from someone who has become special to me through time in Sweden... Berit. She wrote me to tell me about Hakan's funeral just several days ago. She said that a flower was placed there along with the others for me, too. Just as was done at Lena's funeral not so long ago. This has touched my heart 'more than mere words can describe'... so, I won't try to. Sometimes 'not' trying says so much. Below is what I wrote on my Facebook page... to share with the world, my FB friends and several of my family members.

This is what I wrote:

I am so honored that just a few days ago.. a flower was placed along with the flowers from his family and loved ones... from me at Hakan's funeral.

Not so long ago... another special flower was placed on my systervan, Lena's family and loved ones' flowers at her funeral.. from me.

They were husband and wife, and my most Special friends who lived in Sweden. I have cried today because Berit wrote to tell me that 'my flower' was placed along with theirs... just as it was when Lena died. It has touched my heart ........ beyond words. I am so much more than honored.

I was never forgotten by all these special people.. I've known them, also, for 12 years through Lena. I have a special message to Lena in heaven...I have dedicated my writing to her, her family and loved ones in Sweden, and Skip and our Pups, and Tommy and Ms Nancy.

It came to me this morning and I told Skip.... for 12 years I've been 'practicing writing' ... to Lena, who read all of my colors of life... the dark ones as well as the brightest.

I send my love to you in heaven, Lena. Hakan, you were always there to 'talk' and tell Lena things to tell Skip and I. I love you my most Special friends and will miss you, always.

Johan, my heart goes out to you.. I love you too. You have lost so much in your life in such a short time. I care.

I send my love to you, Tommy, to heaven where I know you are... you and Lena and Hakan...on those special, fluffy and white clouds 'looking down at me'. (Johan, you told me that about Lena, and I never forgot it. Thank-you for that. Love, Aunt Gloria)

I am so happy about the flower for both Lena, and for Hakan. Roger and Johan, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you, both.

My systervan, Lena... what can I say? You were there all of 12 years ... I have literally 'for-real'.........'practiced' writing ... when I wrote 'millions' of words to you in that period of time, just as you did me. I miss you and I never stop thinking of you. We wrote so much every day, many times in each day.. all these years and now... I can't stop writing.

Johan said he knew you were on your cloud, also.. Tommy and now, I know Hakan is, too...... looking down at me. He said he was sure of that. Each time I look up in the sky at the fluffy, white clouds... I look for all of you. I love you.

Knowing about the special flower from 'me'... means the world. Thank-you for telling me, Berit. It means more than my words can say. You helped to bring even more meaning to Christmas Day for me.

I love you, Berit and Harry, and Emma and Diego, and Tomas, and Per and Eva and Eric and Elin, Johan and Sara, Roger and Anna-Lena, and Hjordis. I know you so well ... through Lena. If all you were in a book .... you all would be my most beloved and dearest characters. You are so real to me. I'm glad that you all are still in my life. I never want to lose even one of you, my friends and really... my family.


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