Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thinking Of Things I Really Love To Do and Have Done...

I love being home with Skip and our Pups, watching movies and just being 'at home' and knowing we all are safe and sound.  I love Skip and Kissy and Chadwick!

I love my two grandchildren, Taban and McKenzie.  I loved their father, my son, Tommy.

I love to grill out when it's very cold and when there's snow falling... the smell of steaks or hotdogs or hamburgers grilling is wonderful on the chilly air.  It's wonderful to roast marshmallows, also!

I love to sit inside at the dining table drinking delicious hot cocoa while watching it snow outside the glass sliding doors.  I love sitting a long time... watching it snow and feeling the quietness that comes after a snowfall!  I love snow!

I love the excitement of being in a real blizzard and coming off the interstate out west...hoping we are coming down the ramp safely and can get to the truckstop.  It's 'too' exciting and ...and.. and!!!

I love watching the beautiful, colorful hot air balloons and being 'even' with them in the sky!  Being even with them means high up on a mountain in the big truck looking 'eye to eye' with them because they are above a valley below!  Exciting!  It's exhilarating!

I love to kick back and watch the sky with its clouds moving and changing shapes constantly ... sometimes I play a game of guessing what the shapes look like... or imagine the clouds look like this or that!

I love to go outside after it's rained alot and be barefooted and ..... walk in clear 'deep' puddles of water.  I love to do that!

I love to watch the trees and treetops in the wind.. and hear it blow through the trees.  I love to watch the leaves swirl and dance around on the breeze.  I love to feel the wind on my face and.. in my hair!

I love the fall... it's my most favorite time of the year.  I love watching the leaves rain down from the trees in their magical colors of red, brown, gold, orange and yellow-greens.  I love seeing a colorful carpet of leaves to walk through and kick up in the air!

I love traveling in a big truck or by private vehicle seeing and doing 'everything.  I love the constant moving to there.  I miss trucking... and it was so nice in our big rig and would... be even nicer!

I miss having our travel trailer..... I love traveling and wherever you are... you have your own place to be comforable and be 'at home' ...with you.

I love to shop for clothes .. I love to shop at A.C. Moore's (my favorite store) for bottles of paints, beads and wire, brushes and beading tools.  I love the colors of paints and beads and ...everything! I love to paint and draw.. and create!

These are a few things 'I love to do'!

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  1. I tried to read only a couple of your blogs but I kept on reading until I have read them all! I couldn't help myself! I can now say good night Gloria! Love, Ms. Nancy