Thursday, December 15, 2011

Those Dust Devils 'Hit' Me!

I was sitting here with the door open and listening to the windchimes that are on the back porch.  I can hear the dryer in the background.  I walk to the door ever so often to look outside... and watched the leaves in the driveway... blowing in the wind.  Sometimes they will swirl around like minature 'dust-devils' we used to see out on the desert floor out west.

The big dust-devils look so innocent when one sees them.  I remember being so fascinated by them.  I would see several in the desert just anywhere... playing and twisting and turning all around.  I was thinking how special they look and how fun it'd be to get near enough to one to maybe walk through it or just touch it!  They are like minature tornadoes in appearances... all different sizes.

When driving through the desert on a big rig one has nothing to do but, to dream as they watch the scenery go by.  The music on the radio or a CD sets the atmosphere inside the truck... I used to play my nature CD, or soft classical music.  Sometimes I would play Cajun music which is just simply some of the most fun music!  It would make anyone want to get up and dance!  Music like that made a person drive faster ... so, I used cruise control!  I also, loved Creedence Clearwater to listen to driving out west.. so, did Skip!  I was listening to this music and feeling good.

Anyway.. I'd watch those dust-devils dance and twirl and jump around and I would wonder sometimes, how it'd feel to be hit by one.... maybe it'd be such fun!  Fun to feel the wind blowing your hair and maybe it would even lift you off the ground and you could run and jump faster with that dust-devil pushing you!

I would wonder whenever I saw them near homes and I would see clotheslines close by... could the dust-devil be 'strong' enough to blow all the clothes all the clothesline?  I know that inside the homes one must have to dust alot for the grits of sand being blown everywhere. 

It was always so windy... windy enough that there were always signs cautioning people who were in high-profile vehicles to slow down and drive safely.  I've been in a big truck when the wind actually lifted up one side almost toppling the truck over!  I've felt such fear yet, Skip would drive it on as a cucumber.  He's the one you'd want on your side in an emergency.  I always felt safe with him ... where he was.... was home to me.

One day I was driving and Skip was asleep in the sleeper... it was a beautiful, sunny day.  There was hardly any traffic and my view was so 'big'.  The desert and road stretched out so far ...I could look side to side and straight ahead for miles!  I could look off in a distance and see a thunderstorm happening complete with lightening!  Amazing.. that's what that was! 

My attention was drawn to 3 dust-devils ahead and guess what?!!!  They weren't too far from the interstate we were traveling on!  I thought to myself I might get to feel what it felt like to get 'hit' by a dust-devil.... after all, they weren't that big and they weren't tornadoes.

As I drove I could see that sure enough... those dust-devils were going to cross directly in front of me on that big truck!  I braced myself... just in case....  when those dust-devils and the truck 'met'.. the force bowed that big truck 'down' to the road and I was fighting for control of it!  Thankfully the dust-devils moved quickly! 

After that experience, I saw those dust-devils in a new way and I developed a healthy respect for them.  I don't want to be 'hit' by one of them... again.  They aren't just little happy tornadoes waiting to play innocently!  I wanted to play with them... but, they were what they were... little forces of wind that ...could hurt. 

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