Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Up On The Roof Top... Click, Click or was it....

I made sounds with my feet walking from one end of the roof top on top of Grandma Alma and George's house... I was doing something!  I was a child who loved to climb on top of just about
everything... I climbed in trees and whatever was highest around me... I was up on it before I even
knew I was!  I loved being highest and being able to look around to see what I couldn't see as a young child.

The front door flung open on the front porch of the house (now, as good of a man as George was, he
could get quite rowdy!!!  and scare the dickens out of us when he became angry.. he never would hit us!).  I felt my heart jump and butterflies flew around in my stomach as he yelled : 'who in the hell is that on top of this GD house?!!!'

I stayed quiet and didn't say a word hoping he'd go away... go away he didn't!!!  He walked to the edge of the porch and came down the steps to look up there (George was blind, but, I swear I think he could see sometimes).  He said 'who is that up on that house?!!!'  I was scared because I knew I was in trouble for sure!

He wouldn't give up and said some more choice words in that voice he used when he wasn't happy at all!  In my mind (my child-mind) I imagined I was just walking up to George to see what was going on because he couldn't see and I was going to help him 'see'....... I said 'George, I'm right here, I'm not up on that house' and he blew up before I could tell him I would look to see 'who' was up on it!  He fussed me out big-time!

I still wonder to this day if he could 'see' just ..a little bit...............

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