Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Talked To Some ..Real Dogs.. Today

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today we went to the old place to feed the feral cats we've faithfully fed for the past 6 years. We left there and drove about 1/2 mile and saw 3 familiar faces... 3 dogs that we know.

They are so precious. They sit and wait for Nancy and James to come back home if they have gone somewhere. We always stopped to talk to them and they come to our window for us to talk. One of the dogs is a huge white dog and the other two dogs are black. Their eyes melt my heart when I look into them. I get out to hug the huge white dog when I see him. He looks into my eyes and I know instinctively that he knows I love him. The two black dogs are gradually realizing that.

We know more very precious dogs named Hank, Rufus and Charlie. They are big, beautiful healthy dogs. They belong to Dannie and Barbara. One can see that they are taken such good care of. When I see them I want to hug all of them. They recognize Skip and love him... they also, come to me.

Dogs 'know' who loves them and they know that we do. Kissy and Chadwick are so much a part of our life that sometimes, when we are leaving... we wave to them without thinking! They will both be standing inside their fenced-in yard looking at us driving away.

If one ever really stopped to look into a dog's eyes and 'see'....... they would see that the dog has feelings and only wants to be loved. Our dogs are our family and they are loved and fed and played with. We don't leave them isolated in a fence 'somewhere' in the yard or tied to a tree... they know what we expect of them in our home, their home. As puppies I house-trained them and they are so clean. They sleep on our bed, and we would have it no other way.

I couldn't go to bed at night if my pups weren't on my bed... I have to go to find them. Both Skip and I are like that... we want them close so, we know 'we all are alright'.

I think back to a Malamute dog we knew... he was Chadwick, our dog's father. We would see him 'everywhere' because where he lived ..the people would let him run free. We always stopped to talk to him and pet him. One day we were driving on the road where he lived... and Skip stopped and backed up.... there he was lying on the side of the road... dead.

I can't tell you the grief we both felt over the loss of our special friend. Skip got out and went to him. We drove back to tell someone close by where he lived when no one came to the door at his home. Later in time.. we found out that he'd been mistakened for a coyote. I can't even describe how the death of this dog hurt me. It hurt Skip just as much.

We know alot of ..........real dogs. We love them all.

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