Tuesday, January 31, 2012




You don't have to look for Bigfoot anymore.  I know exactly where he is!  He's in my house!

I've finally decided after much thought how mysterious little scratches like the one on my nose this morning, got there.  Ever so often this happens, I'm not aware of it until... I look in the mirror! 

There's a darn scratch on ...my nose!  How did it get there?  I touch it, it's real because it's sore... it is a very real scratch.  Okay... so how did it get there?

I take my shower, wondering 'how did the scratch get there?'  I don't recall doing anything to make me get a scratch on the bridge of my nose.  How did it get there?

I'm thinking ... it begins to dawn on me.  Bigfoot!  Yes, I think Bigfoot did it!  He's big, he's powerful and I know he would do that!  Yes, yes, I'm sure it was Bigfoot!

When we go to bed at night, our huge 1 year old Rottweiler, Mr. Kissy, comes to bed with us.  Chadwick Elsworth comes to bed with us, though he will go and lay on his covers on the couch.  Mr. Kissy will stretch himself out on the bed after he goes through his routine of imitating a bird!

Yes, Mr. Kissy will begin using one paw, then the other to gently move the top cover around to make a 'nest'.  We know when he is going to settle down to go to sleep...he begins making his nest.  He's a bird.

Mr. Kissy is something else.  He is so huge, he looks like a big, black bear!  He is as strong, and silent as a bear.  He has unusual eyes that look ...  human-like.  He has the face you want to shower with baby kisses, and it ... pure melts one's heart.  Mr. Kissy is a big bear!

Chadwick Elsworth is mixed, and a fine mixture he is.  He is a medium-sized, blonde-colored pup, he is almost 5 years old.  He has talked Mr. Kissy all he knows, afterall, Chadwick Elsworth learned from the best!  Chadwick Elsworth favors a coyote in his beautiful color, and size.

Chadwick is very gentle, though he is most protective of us.  He will bite someone if they come into his fence.  That's why we have signs around his fence, so people will stand back.  Chadwick will raise Cain when someone is here, it's his nature.

Chadwick Elsworth spent most of his life with Mr. Fairchild, our 11 year old Rottweiler, who was a force to be reckoned with.  He taught Chadwick Elsworth everything.  Chadwick Elsworth is tough, though looking at him one wouldn't realize how strong, how fast he is. 

Mr. Fairchild died, he had cancer.  His ashes sit on Skip's desk in a white tin, with black paw prints on it.  It has a brass nameplate with his name, on the tin.  We had him cremated when he died.  Skip cried when he died, I cried, too.

Mr. Kissy is tough, also.  He is a very quiet, serious pup who is constantly looking for something.  He has the nicest temperament, he loves people, children.  If Mr. Kissy ever growls at anyone... I'm getting away from them, there's something 'bad' wrong with them.  We've never seen anyone he doesn't like... if he ever showed aggression, we'd think twice about that person.

Mr. Kissy likes to reach out, that's right.  He likes to reach out and touch you.  When he does, we say 'I've been big-footed!'  His touch is full of power, and when he reaches out playfully you have to soften his touch!  It hurts!  :)))

Sometimes at night he will want to touch one of us, to wake us up... he bigfoots us.  I know that's 'why' I woke up this morning with a scratch on the bridge of my nose!  I've been big-footed!  Don't look any farther for Bigfoot... he is here, here in our house.  By the way, his real name is Mr. Kissy!  Kissy Fairchild Bates... he's named in honor and memory of Fairchild.

Now you know where Bigfoot is, and what his real name is.  Yes, Bigfoot's in the house!


  1. Oh I can vouch that you are not stretching the truth about your pups!!! They will bark like they are going to eat you up! I have seen how protective the pups are over you and Skip. They really do take care of you and Skip and I know ya'll take care of them too. I think Mr. Bigfoot is a good name. I have also seen your signs for everyone to "Beware of Dogs". I always call if I am coming to visit so you can let the pups know that a "friendly" person is coming. I do know I want the pups to know I am "friendly". Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I sleep with an Australian Shepherd, a red one, named Emo. She is four years old, and she knows when I've awoken in the morning before I do ... she creeps up beside me and "stares" at me. Never mind that she has a dog door that she can go out of any time she wishes ... she needs me to put MY feet on the floor and say, "Emo, do you want to go out?" before she runs out the dog door. LOL. Where would we be without our furry friends?