Wednesday, January 18, 2012




(Dedicated to my friend, Christin Richter... who inspired me to dream at this very moment!)

Lately... I've wished for that magic wand I've wished for ... many years to have. I know just the things I would use it for to make happy things happen for loved ones, cared about ones, and even strangers.

I would make all of Skip's dreams come true before anyone. I feel he is deserving because of the very person he is. I know his dreams, his wishes... I promise you that each would come true... if I had that... magic wand.

Of course, since I am human and I have more wishes, and more dreams too... I would make them begin coming true.

I would have my dream of a big house without an upstairs.. all 'big' on one floor. I wouldn't have many walls in my house... nor would it have many doors.

It would have many glass doors and sunlights to bring the outside 'in'. We used to live in a house like that once when we had a chalet in the Virginia mountains. The only thing is that there was a 'downstairs' with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms... I don't like 'downstairs' anymore than I like an 'upstairs'.

We had our bedroom upstairs on that huge floor with the 'great room'. Oh, how I loved the great room... no walls, no doors only surrounded in glass... with the trees and nature 'right there!'

I would make my dream house into 'almost' one great room! I loved the way one wall was stone and there... a huge fireplace with stonework made to sit on! How I loved that.

The great room had a kitchen and bar at one end... and one could sit there and watch the big-screen tv at the opposite end. The kitchen was open. I loved the feeling of 'not being closed in'. The only walls were where they were really needed.

There was a dining table one could enjoy eating at ... glass all around, instead of solid walls to close one in. Only the counter separated the big dining area and kitchen... one could sit and 'talk with the cook', if they wanted to help cook... there was alot of room for both!

At the 'living room area' of the great room there was a huge leather sofa with a big, white rug. Comfortable leather chairs were placed around in harmony with the couch, and huge coffee table... all faced the big-screen tv... with the 'wall fireplace' on the right. On one's left.... glass. Glass doors were the 'walls' ...the length of the great room and outside of those glass doors... was a big, beautiful deck.

The deck 'turned the corner' at the end of the dining area where the glass doors continued, in an 'L' shape. One could walk out on the deck and 'look off' at the mountains, they could stand and dream.

We would cook out on our deck, sometimes we would eat spiced crabs while looking at the beauty around us, talking and laughing.

I loved my bathroom... I could lay back in my tub and look up ... at the sky and I remember doing that lots of times and... smiling, happy with the world. I would take my foot in that big, old bathtub and kick the bubbles!

I wish to feel happy with 'the world' again. I also, know everyone else wishes the same. I would grant your wishes just as I would grant mine... we would all have one common goal... happiness! I would make it come true for all of us.

If someone else gets a magic wand before I do... please remember me, I would remember you. :)))

I know someone who wishes simply for a small color tv, and a simple no-frills computer.... I would give them a big color tv with the nicest picture, and a computer with... alot of frills. I would really give them a new car, also.

I know someone, not only myself... wishing for regular contact with their grandchildren and for their mothers to not close them off as they do. I would wish for Taban and McKenzie to be a big, special part of our life. Their smiles, their laughter and their faces that look so much like... Tommy.

I would even wish Tommy to be back... I know what you are thinking... she knows better, that can't happen. I know that and I accept that... but, we are in 'wish-land' now....... I can wish for anything... so can you. In this land... I would make all of our dreams to come true.

If you are sitting there shaking your head at this 'silliness'... that's okay. I'd make your wishes come true, too! Just for the heck of it... make a wish and let me know ....only if it comes true. :)))

I would wish for big, giant hobby horses for Skip and I... I know you are shaking your head harder and squinting those eyes like...... let me finish and you'll understand!

I would wish for those big, giant hobby horses for us to have fun riding on. The only hobby horse I had as a child was a stick... I never 'got rich' enough to afford a nice hobby horse!

I think I'd want one that rocks back and forwards, with the nicest of saddles, and would never tilt over! At this moment, I would wish for a 'Merry Go-Round'.... yes, a big, magical Merry Go-Round with the music playing, and lots of colorful lights, colorful horses... enough horses for us all to ride... yes, I'd share this wish with you!

I would wish for a giant see-saw... I only played on one by myself when I was little... no one was there to play with me.

I would wish for a big slide... I used to watch other kids playing on the playground running, laughing and climbing the ladder to slide down with big smiles, and squeals of joy. I don't know that feeling.. I feel as if I would enjoy that. I might would feel tears in my eyes from tasting things I've missed as a child.

I would like one of those ducks, or funny characters that sits on a big spring somehow attached to the ground. I remember watching kids sit on them and just rock back and forwards, sideways... with big grins on their faces... why I would want to do that, too!

I would like to grin and know 'why' I'm grinning... I'm sure it has to do with the fun ride the character gives! I'm grinning thinking about the happiness I saw on children's faces as they sat in the sunshine rocking back and forwards, sideways talking and laughing to each other. I see joy on their faces in my mind's eye.

I was thinking I would like to have a big, inflatable swimming pool that is one 'giant disneyland' with the water slides, the pool to walk around in, the deeper pool to swim around in, the different colors, and colorful rings to hold onto ... just with everything... and it fill a large area of the yard because, it will have colorful cave-like areas to explore ... all the while walking in water!

Oh, how one's imagination can work here! I have seen kids playing in them, the whole while, they are grinning... I don't think the kids are aware that they are grinning, smiling in joy.... but, it reflects in their bright eyes and smiles! If I had this... we would play in it, too!

Don't let me forget the swings! The wonderful, happy swings! I would wish for those swings like you ride on at the State Fair... the ones where 'everybody' sits in one and they go round and round! I would love to have one to ride on and go round and round all I wanted to!

See... there are enough swings that you can ride, too! I would want happy music playing... I think I'd want my swing to have a soft- cushioned seat and back... I would lean back in it and watch the clouds.... I love watching the clouds move and change shapes!

I would get on that swing and press the button and let it ride me for as long as I wanted to be there... watching those big, beautiful, white clouds change shape, and guess what they will become. I would see things in them that are special! I might would 'see' Lena, or Tommy! Up on their clouds looking down at me!

I, also, would go out on a moonlit night and get on my swing and press the magical button to go on a magical ride! I would lay back in my swing as it went round and round in the air.... the whole while I would be watching the stars twinkle and seeing what I could see on the moon! Magical! The soft music would be playing, the wind blowing a gentle breeze of happiness on me, and my teeth would be so white in the moonlight.... I would be smiling with my very soul! Come fly with me!

I would make wishes come true for every person I saw...and try to see all the people I could.

I know how it feels to wish for things when I have needed them so badly and couldn't afford them... I know how it feels to hurt from the pain inside my heart from things that happened to me in the past, I know how it is to lose almost everyone I've loved truly with my very heart, I know how that all feels. I know how alot of things I've not even come close to mentioning..... feels.

I know how I've wished for magical things to happen in my life to 'save me', to help me, to make my life happy, to make the pain go away, or just wish for some little simple luxury to give my mind something to focus on feel happiness, just some little something to look forward to, and give me purpose in life. I know I'm here for some reason... I know I am. That means you are, too.

So... if I had a magic'd have your wishes come true, too!


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  1. If I had a magic wand you would definitely have those things you would wish for! My family would have things they want too! Love, Ms. Nancy