Wednesday, February 8, 2012




Yesterday, we came home and there was a SUV parked in 'our front yard'... right in our yard on the wet grass! I couldn't believe my eyes to see someone parked in our front yard. We have a circular driveway... and if one can't go through it when our vehicles are there........ simply just back out to the road... you can see both ways. No, I just couldn't imagine coming to yours or someone's house when it's raining, and park in your front yard on the wet grass.

I couldn't believe seeing that SUV sitting there, and it was raining. The ground was very soggy. It upset me seeing the vehicle there, and the very real possibility someone would be spinning to pull back out to the driveway. There was a woman at our door, she turned as I walked up. I asked her 'why, was she parked in our front yard?'

Anyway, it turned out she was looking for someone. She apologized that she parked there, that our driveway was blocked and she couldn't drive around. She left, and thankfully the SUV didn't leave spin marks in the grass.

I kept thinking that I wished I had been nicer to the lady, but, I'd been focused on her car parked in our wet yard. Oh well. Now... I hope that doesn't come back to 'bite me in the ass'.

You know how sometimes if you aren't at your best.... later you'll meet that same person and you have to look at them in their eyes? All I know to say is... "I'm sorry, that wasn't me, that way my twin sister, and she couldn't believe someone would park in someone's front yard, especially when it was raining!"

Truthfully, I feel bad that I didn't just talk to the lady instead of becoming irate with her. Even wishing I hadn't been irate doesn't change my question as to 'why' she parked on the wet grass. I can't imagine parking in someone's wet front yard. I wonder why she did that?

I wonder what would that woman would say and think of me 'if' I had came to her house, backed into her wet front yard and parked? No matter, I still feel bad for being irate with her! I wish we always had a second chance to do things over.

I wonder if you'd been as irate as I was? I'm interested in what your reaction would be? I will be looking for comments! :)))


  1. I think I would have done the same thing if someone was in my yard and it was wet! Good thing she didn't get stuck. I have "No Tresspassing" signs all over my yard but not many people pay it any attention. If they get hurt, it will too bad for them because I do have signs up. They could be prosecuted for tresspassing. Love, Ms. Nancy

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  3. People are so weird, in that they so OFTEN do what they would not want to be done to them.