Wednesday, February 22, 2012




February 16, 2012

There's a happy little fireplace that sits in the corner of the living room near the ficus tree. The fireplace is burning, the soft lights are shining on the tree. That corner glows with ... happiness. Happiness that spreads around the room right to .. whoever is sitting there. Your soul can absorb the soft, beautiful light... it feels so good.

When one is 'full of light inside'... it feels like you are 'glowing it to the outside' of That's a rare feeling... but, at this moment... I feel that special glowing feeling. I feel like the light is 'spilling out from me' through my eyes.... this must be how it feels to 'be inside the fireplace as an ember, a log'.... burning and reflecting its light 'outside'. What a warm feeling! Happy feeling!

I love to feel such feelings, and wish to feel more of them. It's been so long since I've felt such. This is the first of many as I find peace 'inside'. I feel that lately such a change has happened 'inside' of me. I 'feel like that little fireplace'... a soft, glowing warmth inside my soul wanting to reflect ... out.

Yes, something is happening inside me to change my sadness, my grief to a feeling of bittersweet... a feeling that now... I can bear. I know I've talked lately alot about this... I feel I am getting happier, and happier. I have my own little fireplace in my soul, burning a soft red-orange...spreading a soft glow that lights and warms my heart. I hope I can reflect that from my eyes, my actions and spread it to others.

I would love to be a magical person and bring peace to everyone who touches my life. I know I am only human and can't be perfect... but, I can wish! :))) I know that if I stump my toe.... I will still say .....'damn!'

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  1. Let's be nice when we stump out toes! I know it hurts so I guess maybe that was the proper word. I normally say "sugar shack" when I need to express something that probably wouldn't sound good! I try to watch my vocabulary since my litte 2 year old great grandson picks up on what people say. Have a great day! Love, Ms. Nancy