Monday, February 20, 2012




I went to get my hair trimmed yesterday at Raffles. I am going to say that the girls in there do a nice job cutting hair. I'm glad I found them.

My hair has become a 'champagne' color where it's lightened up naturally... I'm happy that the older I've become... my hair color seems 'pretty much even all over'..... where it's lightened up.

Skip likes it, I like it... and now, I don't want to put color on it. I'm going to leave it like it is. I love my natural color!

Now.. yesterday I almost made a mistake. I asked the girl who cut my hair what could I use to make my hair shine more? No big deal.

Immediately she and the other beautician standing nearby said to use Matrix Total Results, but... don't use it more than twice in one week. The other beautician told about a woman using her Total Results shampoo more than two times... now, she has purple hair! Oh... My ... God!

Well, I decided I would come home and 'use the shampoo just one time'.... and use it quickly! I jumped into the shower and got my hair wet... took alittle of that shampoo and put it on my hair, worked it in and rinsed it quickly .... I didn't want to take a chance on having 'purple hair'!

I got out, toweled off, dressed and then, began drying and fixing my hair. It has become thin since Tommy died, the beautician said stress, grief can cause one's hair to do that. It should begin doing okay now. I've always had very thick hair.

Anyway, I noticed that there was a little 'silvery' sheen on my 'champagne' color.... I decided to read the bottle! As I read that bottle I decided I'm going to give that new bottle of shampoo away! The shampoo is purple in color, and on the front of it... it says 'So Silver', I don't want my 'champagne' color to turn 'silver'!!! No way! I want my own color, nothing to keep up.

How lucky I am for the way my hair is 'doing by itself'... yes, I'm going to give that purple shampoo away. If anyone is reading this who knows me personally.... and it's convenient to give it to them... just let me know... this purple shampoo can be yours with .... no charge!


  1. Oh no!! I don't want purple hair either! I do use color on my hair because if I didn't it would be about as white as the snow we just had! I am not ready for that either. Even though I am a great grandmother doesn't mean I want to look like one. Your natural color is beautiful. I want people that have never seen you to know that. You are a beautiful person with beautiful hair. You have natural curls and I have to pay for mine! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. mmmm..... I have been every colour except black. Yes I am a hair guru. I have had purple, pink, blue, I have had my hair shaved to a number 4 (last year)for fund raising. My theory is the only thing that is truely mine is my hair, so I figure I can do what ever I want and I don't mind if people don't like it or laugh it's mine and I love changing it to what mood I am in. People often think I am weird but that is okay it makes me happy, a little like your special colours, I can't draw or paint so I colour my hair. Hope this makes you smile imagining me with coloured hair. ♥ Nannie Gee

  3. Nannie Gee, I am smiling as I read your comment! :)))

    Miss Nancy... your hair always looks so nice! :)))