Monday, February 6, 2012




I went to bed last night thinking about something strange that occurred Thursday morning. I'd like to write about it in just a few words here. Who knows, someone may understand 'why' it happened.

I was in an establishment Thursday morning, along with several other women. We all heard something unusual at the glass door. I heard one woman say "It's a crow trying to get into the door!"

I looked toward the glass door, sure enough in front of the door there stood a big, black crow! He was pecking at the glass, and his wings were beating against the door. I couldn't believe my eyes. That crow meant to come in!

After trying to get in the door, the big crow gave up and walked away to join another big, black crow nearby on the sidewalk. I walked to the door and opened it to see what the crow would do. It never paid me any mind and went about his own business.

I think somewhere in the back of my mind... I thought if that big crow 'came for me'... then, it might be 'me'.... oh, never mind. I think we all are superstitious whether we want to admit it or not. I will say that I was glad that crow never looked at me!

That big, black crow and its actions became the main topic in our conversation. One woman wondered 'who was going to die next'. Another woman began to tell what happened 'years ago' whenever a crow did something similiar, and what her mother said would happen. Everyone had a superstitious tale to tell.

Myself... I kept my mouth shut. I felt some unease, I admit. :))) I did feel better though knowing when I opened that glass door to 'meet that crow head-on'......... that crow never paid me any mind. I did that to 'go ahead and get it over with'... 'just in case'.. that crow was looking for me! :))))))))




  1. That is odd! He was probably just looking at his reflection in the window. I have one sole Guinea fowl who is the survivor of a group of 30 ... he has his own mirror out in the yard and loves to sit in front of it. When I had more than one, they would congregate around the mirror.

    Crows are very intelligent birds ... and a bit spooky in their looks, too!

  2. If it makes you feel any better----I don't like crows either!! I really don't like buzzards! Seems like there is always a buzzard in the road somewhere wherever I am driving. Of course they are trying to get their meals off the road. Love, Ms. Nancy

  3. I like crows, they are really beautiful shiny, black birds. I think buzzards are beautiful in their way. I think opossums are beautiful. I didn't know what to think of such a big bird trying to get in a glass door, though. Granny Gee

  4. That's so creepy!! Immediately, I thought of the Edgar Allen Poe poem and thought...maybe it was a relative long since gone and you aren't the right one to answer the door. That would have definitely stayed with me...I'm always onthe hunt for signs of a great beyond!