Thursday, February 9, 2012




This morning I was washing 2 bowls, 2 cups, and utensils.  I put them in the other sink (double sinks) to sit for a moment after I rinsed them.  I dried them off with a fresh drying cloth, put them away.

I remember not long ago writing about when I helped my sister by rinsing the dishes she washed... then, sneaking them back into her water to be washed again. 

This morning is the first morning that I didn't put dishes in a dish drainer.  I decided that I am tired of having a dish drainer sitting out.  I will wash and dry every glass, plate, whatever we use... and just simply put them up in the cabinets. 

I think writing about drying the dishes sparked this 'new' idea of washing, drying and putting them away.  This morning as I did that... I kept flashing back to being that little girl again... how fun it was to play.  That was a happy few minutes with one of my sisters (my father's daughter)... truthfully, there weren't many of them.

I have a little problem now... do you know how it is to let your cabinets get in disarray?  Well, mine are like that... and no matter how neat I make them... after a period of time, they'll begin to look crowded again.  I need to rearrange them again, soon.

I was thinking how strange it was standing at the sink as I rinsed a silver long-handled teaspoon... the spoon held a little water in it.  For some reason I stood there and just looked into that water that sparkled from the overhead light.  In that tiny pool of water... I could 'see back into the past'... see me standing there at that sink, my sister beside me.

It was bright around us, our smiles and laughter just as bright as the light that surrounded us.  We had just begun bonding... we never knew each other before I came there (only a short time before this incident).

I can't see my stepmother until she began beating me in my back (I was 9 years old).  I wondered as I looked into that little pool of sparkling water in the spoon.... was she standing behind us and saw that 'her' daughter, my half-sister, was going to love me?  I wonder if she watched us hating to see us playing and laughing together?  Then... I wonder 'why?'

You know how it is to sometimes 'think back' for a moment when you do something that triggers a flashback into the past.  This morning was my morning for thinking back, when washing and drying dishes.

Oh... about those cabinets.  They need to be stretched bigger if you want to know my opinion.  Also, my opinion only....... I think some of the shelves need to have 'like a wine-
rack'.... you know the 'square holes'?  Well, instead of putting wine bottles in them ...put
cups into each hole.  In fact, a section of a cabinet shelf could be like this... made out of woven wire.  That space could sure hold alot of cups, even glasses... all laying on their sides as they are slid into each slot.  I think I would like that. 

Here's to wishing all my readers a very nice day!  Granny Gee

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  1. Isn't it amazing what a few drops of water can do? Sometimes it is the smallest of things that can make a person think back into "time". I come across things like that sometimes too. I also would like to have more cabinet space. You know my house! That was one thing my grandmother didn't put in here when she built it. That is OK though. I love this little house! I put my own cabinets in a few years ago. I also wish you a great day! Love, Ms. Nancy