Sunday, February 26, 2012




I was thinking of ideas that I thought were great ideas in the past.  I have even thought of several 'inventions'.  Have you ever done that?  I find it frustrating to forget about it, later in time try to remember it.  I find out that I 'have for-real forgotten it'.  I never remember it unless by some freak accident ... it comes back to my mind.

What bothers me about this is those ideas I have had in the past were 'brilliant ideas!'  I just know they were!  Here is one for example... and if someone does it... wouldn't it be fun?

For example.... 'Panty Pocket'.  One could have a little secure  pocket in each pair of their underwear that zips or has a drawstring at the top.  In men's shorts it could be called a 'Short Pocket'.   :)))

Just think ... one could secure their rings, or money... just zip or tie the top of the pocket up, and go on and exercise, or ride that special State Fair ride without fear you'll lose your valuables.

I think adults would appreciate my ideas on having adult rocking horses, and seesaws.  I would play on them as a Granny Gee now!  I know I wrote before about never getting to enjoy these things as a child... I promise you I would enjoy them now, as a Granny Gee.  You would see me grinning from ear to ear... and get an idea of what I would have done as a child.  Yes, ole Granny Gee would love to have her own rocking horse.......... she might not find anyone to enjoy the seesaw with her... I don't know if Skip would seesaw with me... let me ask him now....

I just asked Skip... he said first of all... we would have to have a privacy fence around it... and yes, he would check it out... and he would want to put me 'way up in the air!'  :)))  Honestly... I didn't want to 'fly'... all I wanted to do was to 'seesaw just a little bit'.  Now ..Skip wants to send me to the moon. 

Anyway.....  see... if I hadn't wrote about this... it'd all be forgotten.  Don't you think it ...'nice to have a place to put one's ideas, no matter how important or unimportant they are'?  If I choose to share my ideas all I have to do is to publish it online, so, you can read them!

So, even if they aren't the greatest, most important to anyone else... it may trigger an idea in another person... and at the end... my ideas aren't wasted... they've been printed in a special place... here!  I love it!

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  1. Oh yes!! I think pockets on "underwear" is a great idea!! Hmmmm!! Got me to thinking! Just think if I had thought of putting pockets on my underwear every time I went out dancing---I wouldn't have had to worry about my keys and money falling out of my blue jeans! Too bad I don't go dancing anymore :( Oh I would love to seesaw with you! I use to love to seesaw on the playground at school when we were very little! Just wonder how big the seesaw would have to be for me to seesaw? Nice thought! Sounds to me like you had some great ideas! Love, Ms. Nancy