Thursday, March 1, 2012



I wanted to say hello to everyone this morning, and to thank-you all for reading my blog here on  It means the world to me.  In fact, it means more than my words can say.

This morning I saw that there have been 2,999 page views on 'just one' of my blogs (this one!).  I am so honored that anything I write... people find it interesting enough to take their time to read it.  Can you imagine what an honor that is?  I can.... I am knowing how it feels!

I know how it felt when I kept thinking.... 'I'll be glad when the stats show '100 pageviews'!!!'  When the stats showed '100 pageviews'......... you can't imagine how happy that made me.... 'me'!  :)))))  People took time to read 'that many pages' of what 'I wrote'!

Can you imagine how I feel this morning seeing that it takes '1 more'... to make... 3,000 page views!!!  I am happy and more inspired to 'write on'.  I love to write, it has become so important in my life.  Since
Tommy, and Lena have gone..... I have a way of always remembering them 'out loud'.... never making others 'feel they have to listen to how I feel'........ because it'll be here in words and 'whoever reads it ..will read because they wanted to'. 

I have a way to remember all of my loved ones who are gone, a way of remembering the 'good along with the bad'.... so, that one day my two grandchildren 'will be able to see the person their Granny Gee was'.  They will see me in my words, my pictures I paint with 'my colors' as I see them... they will 'see me'... they may be alot like 'me'.  This is the only way I have of letting them know that 'I, Tommy's mother, their grandmother was a real person, to know that I've loved them with my heart all along as they grew up'.  This means the world to me.

Not only that.... I realize that from the page views that if people have taken their time to read 2,999 pages of  'my writing', and they keep reading them.... maybe I've become 'real' to you, also.  I know that each time I read a comment or email... you become more real to me.  Yes, you all mean the world to me, I treasure each and every one of you.  Thank-you for letting me see 2,999 page views on my writing.... I won't forget how much it meant to see '100 page views'!!!  :)))))

I always have Skip to talk to, thankfully... I 'have all of you to 'talk to', also.  I'm glad you are here!  I hope to become important to you.... as you all have become important to me... I mean that with my very heart.

I wanted to take this time to let you all know how much you all mean to me.... more than I can possibly say.  I love you all. 

Love, Granny Gee
aka Gloria Faye Brown Bates


  1. Oh Gloria you have always meant so much to me as a personal friend! Now I get the chance to let the world know you are a great person whether you write or not! You are a loving, kind and very considerate person. No one could ask for a better person as a friend. You are an amazing person and so strong too! I don't know of anyone that have gone through as much as you have and still be the kind of person you are. Thank you for being you! I love you my friend! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ms Nancy, you are my number one fan and my best friend. You are always saying the nicest things and I'm honored. Thank-you, Ms Nancy. I love you, too. Love, Gloria