Wednesday, March 21, 2012




Some years ago...Skip and I were staying in the campground in Edinburgh, Virginia. We had parked our travel trailer in the ideal spot... by the creek that ran through the campground. It was so pretty there ... big trees, rocks, pretty bathhouse.

Our travel trailer was 28 feet long, we had plenty of room. We had it set up nicely... we 'were roughing it'... though, we really weren't. It was plush, and it was comfortable. We loved staying at this campground. We knew everyone there, almost.

One day Skip said we'd go to a Rainbow Trout Farm to fish. I was excited! Let's go fishing, Boy! I called Skip... 'Boy', and have all these years. He has called me 'Monst', and 'Baby Girl' through the years. Our affectionate nicknames for one another. I'm an 'ole Baby Girl'! :))) Skip's an 'ole Boy', now!

I was so excited to be going fishing... Skip said I wouldn't believe 'how big' those rainbow trout fish were. We got to the fish farm and I couldn't believe how wonderful fishing was going to be 'here'! There were all kinds of cement ponds!

I was looking to see where I wanted to fish... there were fish 'everywhere'... great big trout fish! I was so excited that I was holding my breath. I knew I could catch alot of these fish! I was already thinking about having them cleaned, put on pieces of tinfoil, with a pat of butter, slice of lemon on each! My mouth was watering. We were going to cook out on the grill!

I stood there excitedly catching as many fish as I could. Skip was over at another cement pond catching fish. When we got ready to go, I saw that I had caught the most fish. I 'wondered why'... Skip didn't catch alot of those trout fish.

Skip told me to bring my fish over to a table where a man stood. The man was going to weigh my fish! We were going to have to pay so much per pound! Oh my goodness, I thought! I had alot of 'big' fish!

When the man weighed our fish... we owed him close to a hundred dollars! Skip paid him, we left. I told Skip I didn't know we had to pay for the fish, I'd never been where one had to pay for the fish.

We got back to the campground, I helped Skip clean the fish. We put part of them in the freezer in the refrigerator. We put each fish into a piece of tinfoil... with pats of butter, lemon slices. The grill was ready for them.

Some of our friends who also, stayed at the campground, and the owner came. We all enjoyed the trout... I loved when I got to open the tinfoil packet. The trout was steaming, my mouth was watering. I noticed everyone 'dug in'! I didn't waste time either. Oh! We ate corn on the cob, roasted!

Those were the biggest... best fish I've ever eaten... that I caught. Not only that... the most expensive! Skip never got upset at me! :)))


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  1. This is Ms Nancy's comment... she sent to me to put here..........

    don't care much for eating fish. I will go fishing, I will bait my hook but I will NOT take the fish off the hook! I may catch'em but I will not clean them! I like to go camping too but not to sleep on the ground. I didn't mind sleeping in the camper when I use to go camping. I could handle that. Love, Ms. Nancy