Thursday, March 22, 2012




Jaw pain... if moving the jaw increases the pain.... jaw pain in the morning... pain by exertion, pain in chest or left arm, shortness of breath... could be a heart attack.

I was just watching Dr. Oz. How interesting his show is... you can learn by watching... visual. He always has models to show his audience how our 'insides' work.

I was just awed by watching how our gall bladder works, how a gall stone can block the entrance to the stomach and intestines! They poured a green liquid into a elongated clear 'tube' and it went through the entrance to the stomach, intestines... Dr. Oz dropped little round 'stones' in the liquid symbolizing gall stones... they flowed along with the liquid into the entrance until.... a 'gall stone' was too big... it couldn't go through.

The big 'gall stone' completely blocked the entrance to the stomach, intestines... causing the green bile to back up in the gall bladder... then, he demostrated how the gall bladder begins to 'squeeze' to help free the 'gall stone' to make it go through the entrance... this causes the really bad pain one gets....

If the gallstone doesn't get freed to flow through the entrance... it causes a blockage! This is what can cause the gall bladder to rupture, causing serious consequences!

I was so amazed to watch the process on Dr. Oz, it made an impression on me. One that will always make me take more seriously when someone is suffering in this way. Skip had this medical problem, when he had his colon cancer surgery... they removed his. He used to suffer badly in the past.

I was very interested in the 'jaw pain'... as I have a history of congested heart failure. I will pay close attention whenever I have 'jaw pain'. Dr. Oz said knowing this could help to save a woman's life.

I didn't ever think about this before as much as when I watched and listened to him 'show and explain' it... I was so fascinated. School teachers could do so much with students using his method to teach, educate others ... actually 'seeing' the lesson makes such an impression. I thought about this the whole evening after watching that.

I wanted to share this with my readers. I love to learn new and amazing things. This seems 'so simple yet so life-saving'... that everyone can keep in mind... who knows?... maybe there's a reason I wrote about this. I always believe there's a reason for everything that happens... it's a part of life's lessons.

I hope I explained it as well as he did... sometimes it takes the right person 'saying it in the right way'... to make us learn something even if we 'think' we know. We can 'hear the right person'... I heard this... and I was awed! Amazed!




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  1. Thanks for the info! Seems like I had heard this before but it was a very long time ago. I will try to remember this. We aren't getting any younger and anything could happen to any of us! Love, Ms. Nancy