Tuesday, March 27, 2012




This morning as I was driving to go feed the cats that we love and care for since moving (they are feral cats), I was thinking how much I love them. My mother would be proud of me, proud that I had come to love them, and now... make sure they are fed and watered each day. If I don't, Skip does.

It's an 18 mile round trip each day. When I drive up the little mountain one of the cats who is grey and white... comes running to meet me... she'll run along until I get to their feeding station. The others will run out to eat. They really don't like to be touched, but, they will let me touch them sometimes while they eat. I stand there and watch them with such love in my heart. I always say a prayer for them.

My prayer is that whoever buys the property in the future will be happy to have cats who kill all the snakes up there... there are many pretty rocks up there... and lots of snakes! Also, if they see a mouse try to come toward the house... they kill it. They earn their keep.

We will make sure the people who buy it... knows. We couldn't move them here because... I don't feel they could make it here. I would worry about them .... the swamp is close by. I see other cats close by. I think they are safest where they are... that's all they know. Besides... I don't think it'd be easy to catch them... my instincts say 'let them be'. I will listen... and I'll keep going to feed them until someone comes along to 'carry the torch' for me.

These cats touch my heart in a strange way, I feel such a deep love for them, I want to protect them. There are 7-9 cats, one I know best named ... Abbey. She is the 'beginning' of the others. She has big green eyes, and yellow 'sunshine' all through her coat.

Abbey is precious to me, though I don't see her always. She is a true huntress. I used to watch her from above on our deck there... teach her babies how to hunt. I was so amazed at her. I could watch easily being 'above' them.

I love them with a love in my heart that really makes me feel pain... I always want what I love ... close by... so, I can protect them. I am sure you all know what I mean, and most likely you feel alot like I do.

Cats, dogs are like innocent children... I wish I could protect them all. I see people who don't appreciate their dogs or cats like they should... they need to let them go to homes where people will care for, and love them. They are 'what we make them' to be... our best friends, members of our family... it's okay if they are spoiled... that's love.

I miss every pet I've ever had in my adult life... I never was allowed to have pets as a child... it's a good thing ... someone would have mistreated it ... they did me.

I've had Border Collies,Doberman Pinschers, Bassett Hounds, English Bull dog, Rottweilers, and Bloodhound, and our one 'Mixed-Perfect' pup... they all meant the world to me. They lived long lives.

Now... we have Chadwick, our 'Mixed-Perfect' pup, and Kissy... our Rottweiler pup. We treasure them with our hearts.

Dogs are known to be 'man's best friend'......... my personal opinion is that I agree. They love one unconditionally... no questions asked. They'll lie there waiting until you pay attention to them. I was thinking what if we loved everyone ... like dogs love us? No one could get hated then... what do you think? We'd all lick each other to death... with such unconditional love in our hearts. Instead of fighting... we would just lay there until we were noticed... and do like our Kissy the Rottweiler does.... that's to 'Express Himself'!

When we tell him to 'express himself, he begins to go around in circles, he's so happy! Yes, I think we'd be better people if we all loved with our hearts like our dogs love us. I would just prefer not to be licked in the face by a .... person!

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  1. You are right!! I don't want to be licked by a person either! You are very smart to take care of those cats the way you do. Maybe whoever does by the "little mountain" will take care of the cats. You can be very proud of you and Skip for taking care of them when you don't have to. Love, Ms. Nancy