Saturday, March 24, 2012




Today I was driving along on US Hwy. 1 North toward the Virginia state line. I kept noticing there was so much 'dust' in the air. I began to take notice that I was seeing this dust for miles, and miles.

I began to realize it was pollen... pollen blowing off the hundreds of pine trees in 'clouds' of green dust. Pollen that causes my eyes to burn, water, turn red. It causes me to have headaches, and just ... plain feel bad. Allergies....

It made me think of a 'mean' trick Skip played on me in a supermarket one time!

We were paying for our groceries while the two young guys were bagging them. One could tell these boys were 'party' boys, neither were very energetic... it seemed it was such an effort to put bread in the plastic bag.

They were mumbling to each other and both were giggling about something funny only to them. Then... I realized they were laughing at 'me'! Why in the world would they be doing that?

Skip knew... in fact, Mr. Skip 'caused it all'. He had whispered to them that my eyes were red, watery because... 'she has just smoked a dooby'! I didn't know he'd done that... and I'd been standing there, red eyes and all... just grinning back at the boys being friendly. They were laughing their a__ off at me!

Everything for that moment that I said, or did... made me look 'all the more'... like I'd smoked a dooby! I was telling them my eyes were red from all the pollen. I was self-conscious of it... when I see people like that... I don't think of allergies (well... now, sometimes I do! :))) I think they've been drinking, smoking pot, or taking drugs. I never want anyone to think that I did either!

It was too late... Skip had already advised them that I was 'high off that dooby cigarette'... everything incriminated me... it seemed like I just 'played into his hands. I convinced them what he said was true!

When I told them my eyes were burning, they laughed harder. I began to 'know' something was up. I told them the pollen was affecting my eyes, that I had allergies. I swear I heard one of those boys say while he was laughing ...'yeah, right'!

Skip pushed the shopping cart out of the supermarket as I walked beside him. I told him those boys must have thought I was on drugs, or... something.

Mr. Skip began... grinning as I looked up at him. I 'knew' at that moment that he'd 'done something'! I asked him what had he said to those two boys!

Mr. Skip said he had whispered to them that I had smoked a dooby... to look at my red eyes, and that crazy grin on my face!!!

Mr. Skip had 'done it again'! He always plays tricks on me! :))) One trick that stands out to me was in a very nice restaurant where I was so embarassed!

We were eating our soup with a spoon... when all of a sudden there was this terrible....... slurping noise! Oh no, I don't believe you did that, Skip!

I looked at him in shock when he calmly said to the people all around us....'I told you not do that in public anymore'! My mouth fell open as I looked at the people sitting at the tables around us. I couldn't believe he had just done that! They were laughing at me... they couldn't hear me say 'I did not do that'!

I have to watch Skip and be prepared 'just in case'..... he decides to play a trick on me! Just so... Skip can't do that again!



  1. That is so funny (embarassing too I imagine). I do things like that with my children, always have. Sometimes I would skip down the supermarket isles, one time I put a toilet plunger on my head. I have been known to drag my legs with my tongue hanging out. I guess not the ideal mother (ah well it's fun)Also from 1/2 an isle away I have yelled out to my then teenage daughter - are these tampons the ones you want, and to my son I said do you want these coloured condoms. I don't know why but I could always see them cringing the opposite way.
    Love ♥ Mary

    1. I laughed aloud reading your comment, Mary! I know your children 'watch you', too! When one least expects it... I enjoyed reading so much your comment! :))) Granny Gee

  2. Ha! Ha! I can just see you in that grocery store now!! Tell Skip he is a naughty boy! Now the grocery store--I can understand that you were embarrassed. Maybe you should have said something like,"I told you that you could do it next!" Or maybe, "you're just jealous because you don't know how to do this". Oh well, mabye next time you can think of something to get him back for doing those things. I am sure it was all done in fun. Love, Ms. Nancy