Thursday, March 15, 2012



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates aka Granny Gee

Summer days are soon here, and I look forward. I look forward to spending time out on the porch here where we moved to. We have canvas curtains up that are tied with bows ... how pretty they are. I love watching the breeze move them in the wind.

The glass table and chairs look inviting... there is also, a 'tall' table with stools that swivel around if I want to sit up high. On the other end of the porch there is a built-in bench to sit back on. So many nice places to enjoy sitting... drawing... thinking... painting... be on the computer... with our Pups lying close to my feet.

We will put a swimming pool (on top of the ground) close to the porch later this summer. I look forward to hearing and seeing the splash of crystal, clear water. Water kissed and warmed by the sunshine to ease the constant pain in my body from long ago surgeries to always remind me... of my tradeoff to live. I look forward to putting my body in that warm water, it feels 'healing'.

Pain... I welcome you, I want to live, I really love life no matter the sadness in it. I will love watching the water... for I will find a way to keep it splashing softly to listen to when I'm on the porch. I look forward, I really do.

I have in mind to have a 'garden' of sorts. I have read about hay bale gardens... growing vegetable and flower plants in potting soil placed in holes in each hay bale. This would be the kind of garden I could handle, enjoy watering. It would require very little work in this hot North Carolina heat.

I look forward to picking the first tomato, cucumber, or sweet bell pepper this summer. If you have any suggestions on how to make a garden or to take care of this one... I welcome them as this will be the first time for me. I have thought and thought of 'how to have a small garden' without alot of fuss.

The hale bales will be placed outside the fence in a pretty way. We like all to look nice around us. I wonder if the deer will eat the plants? There are lots of beautiful deer in this area. They aren't afraid when they walk around here. Our Pups will bark occasionally at them, I don't worry because they are in their own fenced-in yard.

This morning I stood on the step outside, I listened to the frogs sing their song... I know they are happy ... they know summer is 'here'. The temperatures are in the 80's right now! I sang a little song, too......... don't worry ...I didn't sing it 'loud'... I don't think the frogs heard me at all. I know better than anyone that I really don't have a singing voice.... that's okay, it seems our Pups like it, at least. :))))

Remember how I was asked as a child to 'just move my mouth' when I was in the church choir? Seems like they would have loved to hear a child's pure, joyous voice singing... no, my singing voice wasn't appreciated at all. They did love seeing 'my mouth just move'... I helped to make the choir bigger, there was one extra smile in it... mine. My feelings weren't hurt, I was happy to do something so 'special'.

Yes, this morning my thoughts are on spending outside time on that pretty porch... on warm days with the breeze blowing the curtains, splashing water, hearing the bamboo windchimes, drinking iced tea.... while painting, drawing, or just sitting there to watch the beautiful sky. You know how I love to watch the clouds move and shift shapes... it inspires my imagination as I 'see' what they become each time they change.

Skip and I are also, going to have beautiful plants on the porch, a special tree in a pot. He will put up special lights in the ceiling to cast a happy glow in the late evenings.

The breeze is blowing gently, yes... I can 'see' it now in my mind... I can hear those special bamboo chimes... I close my eyes ... I hear the water splashing..........................



  1. Hello Granny,
    It sounds like you are a weather mood person like me.
    I love summer, even though we don't really have much of a winter. I even like hot days ( though if there are clouds in the sky not so much).
    I love water as well, I would spend all my time near water if I could. You should buy a small water fountain to put on your porch to hear the peaceful running water.
    Have a wonderful day. ♥ Nannie Gee

  2. Your sanctuary sounds so inviting! I did hay bale tomatoes a few years back ... dig a little hole in the hay and put in a little potting soil or dirt to start the plants off, and be prepared to water them TWICE a day ... and to fertilize a lot and they'll do great! I am enjoying the change in seasons, too!

  3. You just described a beautiful day! I look forward to going out on my front porch also! I did that yesterday and took a book with me to read and enjoy the fresh air! I know you will enjoy that pool too when you get it. The water will be very nice and warm. It will feel good to you. Love, Ms. Nancy

  4. Hello Ms Nancy, Brett, and Nannie Gee! We all like special things... I will think about getting that water fountain. Also, I'll keep in mind watering twice a day! Instead of reading a book today on the porch, I painted and cut out things for the birthday poster I do sometimes for a place of business. Happy, wonderful day to you all! Love, Granny Gee :)))

  5. I love Summer too. People say it's hot. I say it's fun, sun and lot's of Summer happy memories. It's the best year to head for the beach, go outdoors, go picnics and all. Reading your post is such a joy. You made me remember why I enjoy this season. It's Summer in the Philippines...which is "Horay!" It'll be Spring when I go back to the U.S. next month. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed...- Island Traveler