Tuesday, April 24, 2012




As I walked, I smiled... laughed aloud as I talked to Skip. We love to talk, though we've been married many years... we have alot to say to each other.

I was looking at the brands of coffee in the supermarket at Walmart... I was deciding if I wanted to change brands this time. I change brands all the time... sometimes price does have something to do with it. Alot of times.... the colors (yes, the colors! :))), and the packaging help me decide what I want to get.

I was standing there laughing as I looked, trying to decide if I wanted Dunking Donut coffee or Gevalia, or Maxwell House, Sanka or Folger's. I stayed with Folger's this time. I walked alittle way to look at the teas... all the while laughing and talking with Skip.

I'd noticed several older men as they walked near deciding on their coffee, tea. Some smiled at me, and I was already laughing, smiling so, it was easy to smile a bright smile at them. I just went back to doing what I was doing, never paying any mind until.....

I began to notice espressions on several older men's faces.... why they must be thinking I'm either talking to myself... or I'm 'just plain crazy'! I did see a twinkle or two.... I do think a couple of those men thought that 'I was trying to pick them up'!

Of course, these thoughts made me begin to laugh .... making me really look guilty of doing all these things. I began telling Skip what I thought was going on, he laughed.

I'm glad I didn't feel mischievious and do something really silly. I have been known to do some silly, funny things in my life. I decided not to... I didn't want to cause a 'situation'.

I began to feel alittle embarassed as I 'talked to myself' going down the aisles... I did appear to be talking to the different products that sat on the shelves, in the freezers. I seemed to be talking to the meats in the meat counters. Why, I even appeared to be talking to the water, drinks I was buying. I was even laughing, twinkling as I selected all the things I wanted.

When I laughed, it seemed I would look straight into someone's eyes... they smiled at me, as we passed by each other. I'd forget that I was using my.... Bluetooth device, the wonderful gadget for hands-free cellphone!

I was in my own world laughing and talking with Skip... all the while 'the world looked on' thinking.... 'hey, that's a crazy woman there'! She talks to herself, not only that.... she even laughs aloud! I would look at 'them', smile brightly as I walked by pushing the shopping cart, chattering away.

I began telling Skip 'I'm sure people think I'm talking to myself because they can't see the Bluetooth device for my hair'... this would be in front of someone standing close by. This was to let them know I really wasn't crazy, and I really was talking to 'someone'.

I didn't feel so self-conscious after doing that. I did notice that I saw a woman talking as she walked alone... for a moment 'even after experiencing what I did'.... I thought she was talking to herself!

I just hope those men didn't think I was 'trying to pick them up'... or was 'hitting on them'. I really hope they didn't think I was crazy, either! I did reach up and move my hair back to expose that Bluetooth device! :)))








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  1. Ha! Ha! I would have liked to have been a fly on the shelf! I am sure you were funny talking to "yourself!" I do it all the time and I am sure people think I am crazy. That is OK. I have seen people I thought were crazy too! Love, Ms. Nancy