Sunday, April 22, 2012



Family... Skip and I had opportunity to stop by the new Sheetz store that just opened in this area. It is a beautiful, happy-colored store... I love it ..of course!

We walked around looking, talking and saying we were glad this one was close by... we could get up anytime during the night, and go drink coffee.. or whatever.

We came out of the store and walked to our vehicle and was getting in when we heard a car horn behind us. Skip hadn't gotten in just then, he turned to look. I saw recognition on his face, he told me who it was. I smiled as I got out, as I saw my cousin. He said to wait for him, he was going to park.

He came back to talk to us... all the while he stood there I was thinking just how nice it was to see him, and he was 'my family'. We left, and I told Skip that I was glad to see him... we both agreed. It did me good... it's rare to ever speak, much less see a 'family' member.

I don't miss seeing 'family' at all... but, when one sees a smiling face that reflects back at your smile... you can't help but to feel a happy feeling... I did in my heart. 

If my cousin reads this... know that we enjoyed seeing, talking to you. I was sincerely glad to see you... I just wanted you to know.

In 'our family''s unusual to be 'actually glad' to see another family member... everyone goes the opposite way... I'm no exception. I do it in a discreet way so, as not to hurt anyone. No one needs added pain to what they already carry inside. I'm the last who would want to hurt anyone.

I was glad... and look forward to another time. Take care my cousin, you made your cousin happy. She'll be glad to see you in the future.



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