Friday, April 6, 2012




In 1999, when I was able to walk and move around, though slowly... Skip took me to Raleigh Farmers Market. We walked around to look at all the wonderful fruits, vegetables, flowers.

Skip and I were so happy for me to be able to go places again after battling a life-threatening illness. My body was so weak, tired but.. I meant to get stronger. I wanted to live, be a normal person again. Going to the Farmers Market in Raleigh was one of the happy things we liked to do.

Fruits, vegetables of all colors, all types. Oh, how I loved walking there to look at all the jars with the special, homey labels on them. Honey, molasses, jellies, jams, chow chows... so many jars with 'good stuff' in them!

Colors, beautiful fruits, vegetables, jars of 'good stuff'! Then... there were the flowers! Plants, flowers of many colors! My eyes kept looking everywhere 'drinking' in all that marvelous color... they couldn't get enough! I was so happy to be back in 'this world of colors'!

Giant red strawberries, purple grapes, orange oranges, yellow squash, green watermelons... peas, green beans, butterbeans, blueberries, red pomegrantes... colors, colors that I could stand and 'soak in'... making me heal on the inside.

I walked, stood 'drinking in' the colors of the labels on the jars, looking at the artwork on them. I looked at how nice the contents looked inside of the glass. I looked at the color of the honey, I could see through it... see the chunk of honeycomb in it. I held a jar of molasses, turned it this way and that way... watching the thick molasses move back and forwards. I loved looking at it. I did this over and over as we choose the jars we wanted.

We came to a special booth where the flowers were on display... and there, I saw it. I saw something I knew I had to have, had to take home with me. I listened to the sound of water running through the holes in the lava rock onto smaller rocks below it... all was in a big earthen bowl... it was a water fountain. A beautiful water fountain! The first I ever saw like that!

The cost of the wonderful water fountain ... was one hundred dollars! Skip took notice of me admiring it, I couldn't walk away from it. I needed to have that 'sound of running water' ... near me. It was the happiest sound. I told Skip to listen to that beautiful sound! He did listen to it... we walked away with Skip carrying the bowl which had been drained, and the components to it! I was feeling colors of sunshine, and rainbows!

That special water fountain meant the world to me. It brightened everyday as I grew stronger. I placed it on the dining table where both Skip and I could enjoy it as we ate our meals. I had flowers, plants arranged around it.

Colors ... the sound of water running over rocks ... things I know heaven is full of! Add the sound of windchimes softly chiming in the breeze... especially bamboo chimes like Tommy got for me! Soft, billowing curtains gently blowing in the wind... sun shining its warmth on my skin... my eyes are closed. These are some of my favorite things... things that soothe my very soul.

I love to walk in parks where the paths weave in and out of beautiful trees, shrubbery, flowers... getting to walk on boardwalks over little creeks, over marshy land. Listen to the birds, insects buzzing around. Walk on rocks that are cooled by water dancing over them, see the lush green moss growing on them.

I love to wet my feet in clear, cool water as I step from rock to rock. I love to dance, run back when chased by the waves at the ocean! I love the ocean breeze blowing my long, full skirt around my legs. I love listening to the ocean with my eyes closed.

Sounds, special sounds such as I mentioned... are healing. These are 'my kind of sounds'. These are... just some of my favorite things. :)))




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  1. It makes sense that you love the running water over the rocks! It is a soothing sound. I like it until time to go to sleep. I need quiet to go to sleep. But running water, pretty flowers and trees---will soothe anyone. It is good for the soul too. It can take one away to heal them mentally. Sounds like a good thing to have! Love, Ms. Nancy