Friday, June 8, 2012




Yesterday... I had occasion to meet someone whom I see on my Facebook all the time. She reads my blog! How honored I am! When I saw her sitting at the table I instantly recognized her... we both began smiling!

How special, how fun it was to meet someone who said 'I read your blog'. I felt like 'somebody'... though really, I am only 'Granny Gee/Gloria'. It did feel good  to meet another person who found my words interesting enough to read.

Sharon, it was so nice to meet you...more than my words can say. Vanessa, it was very nice to see you again!

It is just like each day when I get comments or emails... my heart is touched over and over. I think with such a soft, happy feeling inside .... 'how about that'? 'How so, so special'!

Awe... amazement... wonderment... in the most softest, special way... soft, beautiful colors of rose, sage green, hints of white... that kind of 'special'. That's the only way I can describe how I feel when people (you!).... read my blog and come back to read again, and again. It just means my very world. I'm no one special, but... sometimes I 'feel' that wonderful feeling... 'you' have made 'me' feel that way.

I can't tell you how I've 'went into my self writing, never thinking about the world for the grief, sadness inside me'.... to later see that so many people cared. My heart has been lifted so, so many times.... and I've had such a 'heavy' heart.

It's been filled so much with sadness... it's been lifted so .... many times when I've read what you've written to me, the comments. All of you, my husband... Skip, and our Pups, Lena.....and my special friend, Ms Nancy..... have all contributed to me 'making it back' from the path of grief I've been traveling... you all keep me anchored.

I've been like a ship out to sea... the storms, the grief threaten from time to time to still carry me out on a wild ride... but, you all have helped to anchor me in one place so, that I might feel calmness, even happiness inside... again.

You all... mean my very world. If I didn't tell you.... you would never know. You all mean the very world to me. I wouldn't feel this 'special happiness' inside if all of you hadn't 'reached out to me' by reading my blog, writing to me.

I would have never believed I would actually feel 'joy' inside again... 'you' made it possible... you all have been there for me. Skip and our Pups, Lena.....Ms Nancy.... it's like that most beautiful song that makes me feel like crying inside.... of course, I won't remember the name of it (you all know me)...... you all .... are ... the wind beneath my wings. I wonder ... isn't that written by Elton John? Oh my, what a special song.....

If someone asked me today what song would I use to describe my reading audience, my fans, my friends.... that's the song I would select.... The Wind Beneath My Wings. How could I have 'come back' from the death of my son, a part of 'me'.... if it hadn't been for Skip, our Pups, Lena.....Ms Nancy.......and .... all of you? Just how in the world ... could I?

I have 'fought' many battles in my life... losing my son almost was my last battle. You all know this, you've followed me all along. You've all 'held me up' so, I could cross over some really, really 'bad' places in my path... it's like 'my spirit soared at times' to help me 'come back' ... all because of 'you'.

It means the very world to me. You all mean the very world to me, Granny Gee/Gloria. Just how could I have 'come back' if it hadn't been for 'you'? Just how could I?


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  1. I will always be here for you! You are my best friend--always have been and always will be!!!! I am here for you any time you need me. You keep writing and we all will keep reading! Love, Ms. Nancy