Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'THE NEWS'...Granny Gee's Thoughts/Opinions

'THE NEWS'....  Granny Gee's Thoughts/Opinions


I am doing what we all do each morning... I am listening to the news.  So far what I have heard is... downright scary.

I watched 'disturbing video' as a man was violently pulling the door of a store open to grab the woman who desperately was trying to hold it close.  He pulled her outside, threw gas on her, set her on fire.  He was the father of her child.

What bothers me, also, is when the news comentator said that the video showing the man setting the woman on fire 'might be disturbing, some people may not want to look at it'.... is that I looked at it.

It hurt my heart, as I felt pain for the woman engulfed in flames, running.... I realized that we all must be watching such things on video that has happened through time... bad things.  We watch because 'now'... we are so used to watching things on tv.  This has become another thing we can watch because we are used to seeing such.

The photo of a young woman with a stunned, scared expression popped up on the tv screen.  The news person told why her photo was there... she stole from a patient in a nursing home.  Stealing from patients... she stole a patient's debit card and used it for several months at grocery, department stores.  Employee, someone patients trusted....

I watched as an older man walked with handcuffs... gracious, he's abused young unfortunate boys in a sexual way.  My thought is how shameful... how he looks so like a 'good' person... he got by with doing such because he looked so 'innocent'.  He worked at a college, he was important there.... he used his position.... he loved to take showers with young boys....

Police are looking for a gunman in an apartment complex, he shot a man....... another man pleaded guilty to the deaths of a young woman and a small child.... something to do with satanic acts.....

I would like to hear good news, but... here in our area... there's so much death now.  We are now overpopulated... with it brings people from every walk of life, every country and their new ways to do things, to live, their beliefs.  Life is very different here, now.

There are many shootings, deaths of young people who will never get to accomplish their dreams, to grow older, to have children.  If they were on the wrong path in life, they never had opportunity to get back on a good path to succeed in life.

We can remember being young... our minds 'then'... had no way of knowing the things we know as an older person.  God, how innocent we all were... at that time we believed we could do anything, we were invincible.  It was easy if a young person wasn't alert ... to be led onto different paths by older kids, people.

It was easy to be led to do things if a young person didn't have a sense of right and wrong.  Kids learned from those mistakes... they could 'come back from them'... back then, the mistakes young people made... weren't the 'end of the world'.

The mistakes 'today' that kids make... makes me wonder 'how in the world can a young person come back from that, have a future 'now'?  How can young people who kill... come back from that mistake to have a good life?  How can anyone come back from doing hideous things to others, animals?

In my mind, I can't see it.  They have ruined their lives, not counting what they inflicted on others.  I don't believe a person can 'come back' from doing such awful things to another person, animal.

I feel sad watching the news... I shake my head.  A refrigerator failure has caused brains not to be used now for research.  As I was writing, I had to stop.... that's what was said.  It was so out of the ordinary... as when you just read it.

I look back in time as I began to notice that each morning on the news... there has been one or more shootings... someone has died.  Death every morning... it's never stopped.   So many young people killing other young people.... their faces reflect no shame, no regret on their mug shots.  In fact, their faces reflect anger because they've been caught, arrested.

More shootings... I look up from my writing to see a lighted doorway in the darkness... deputies are walking around inside... seems there's been a multiple shooting....

Another teacher has molested, taken indecent liberties with a young student.  This has become so common now, in our news.  Teachers doing the unthinkable.  I know it's been going on since I was a young girl... I remember young girls doing things to get attention from older men, teachers.  Young guys showing off to the female teachers.

When we are young, growing up, we naturally do those things to attract mates for life, to marry, have children.  It doesn't give older people the right to take advantage because they know the 'right' things to say or do.. because 'they've been there and done that'.  Young people are vulnerable.

What is sad is when a young person is at the mercy because they are unfortunate... they don't have both parents, they don't have a good home, they are 'nobody', they live bad.... someone older comes along that knows exactly how to 'use them up'.

That doesn't give the teacher the right to cross that invisible boundary... when a teacher ... one becomes a role model, someone the whole community can look up to.  Same way with our pastors, priests........  I remember my own experiences at school, church when I say what I do.  I was a young girl once... I remember many things I saw, experienced.

Each morning when I listen to the news... I listen, form my opinions just like you see above.  I say prayers constantly for victims of 'bad' things.  My heart is touched each time I see someone, animals... who are abused, hurt, killed.  I despise injustice, unfairness... I see, hear it on the news, real life 'everyday'.

I couldn't live without the news each day.  We would be like the old days if we didn't have the news.  We wouldn't know about terrible storms in other places, tornadoes, scams, the latest trend...... we wouldn't know 'so much' if it wasn't for the news.

I am going to continue to watch the news every morning.  I want to know what's going on in our big, old world... be it good, or bad.  Every morning,,, this is how my mind thinks as I process all I hear, see on tv.  I'm constantly thinking, forming opinions...

I will just keep on listening to the news... watching as it seems to get 'worse' through time.  I think alot of what happens now is reported... when back in time... it wasn't.

I don't believe 'everything' I hear, see on the news... through the years I have seen evidence of juries convicting someone wrongly of crimes they didn't commit.  I have to use my judgement when I hear something that's happened, follow up on the stories before I believe.

Remember Susan Smith... she killed her children?  I didn't believe her the from the first moment I heard her open her mouth.  Those little boys would be grown up now...... following their dreams.  I wonder if she thinks of that?

People, cameras 'everywhere'... it didn't use to be like that.  Everything's mobile... people and cameras can be everywhere in the world... satellites....

To bring us ..... 'THE NEWS'.....

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  1. I do remember Susan Smith case. She killed her 2 boys so she could be with a man! How sick can that be! I would never kill my child so I could be with a man. If a man couldn't accept my child, then I don't need him. You are right---there is so much sadness on the news now days. I normally watch it to see what the weather is going to be like. After that---I try not to watch it. Love, Ms. Nancy