Wednesday, June 27, 2012




This morning I went to Walmart to pick up meds at the pharmacy.  I decided I would go into the Subway shop there, sit down and enjoy a sub sandwich.

I went inside to order a six inch meatball with marinara sauce.  It was on sell for $2... what a deal!  What a good sandwich!  :)))  I told the lady that I would like to get American cheese, red onion, bell pepper, and jalepeno pepper ... and have all on the Italian herb and cheese bread.  I, also, ordered tea.

The total of my purchased was less than five dollars.  Usually it's almost eight dollars when ordering a sub sandwich with tea, chips.  I think Subway sandwiches have risen in price... I don't see how young families can afford to eat there.

I guess they slice the sandwiches into smaller pieces to give to the children.  In fact, I don't see how families can afford to eat at any fast food place now... unless they all share.  I was thinking... it's probably healthier because one isn't all the 'bad' food.... just a small amount.

I chose a booth to sit it where I could 'people-watch' as I ate my sandwich and chips.  I love to people-watch, it's interesting to see what kind of clothes people wear, hairdos, shoes, handbags.  I'm amazed that there are so many people... no one looks alike!  I've always been fascinated by that.  I've always been fascinated to see families... how the members of a family look alike.  Interesting!

While I was sitting at the table, I noticed a blonde-headed woman come into the Subway shop.  She was pleasingly plump, had on a summer blouse, and slacks to match.  She was wearing comfortable-looking shoes.  She didn't go to the end where one starts from to select ingredients for a sub sandwich.  This woman began at the cash register....... where all the freshly baked cookies were!

While the woman behind the counter was making a sandwich for a gentleman that came in... the blonde-headed woman was slightly bent over so, she could study the little shelves of cookies.

It took a little time for the gentleman to make his mind up.  He was telling the woman behind the counter what he wanted, how much he wanted on his sandwich.

The whole time I just watched the blonde-headed woman as it seemed she 'blanked out' everyone, everything... her mind 'zoned in on the cookies'.  I was sitting there trying to imagine what she was seeing, thinking as she 'chose just the right cookie for herself'.

Mmmm.... that cookie is fat, there are alot of macadamia nuts on this one!  Wait a minute... maybe I'll pick the chocolate chip cookie with all those chocolate chips on it... but, which one would I like to have?  My mouth is watering, I have to swallow... I'm so hungry!  I think I'll have.... I think ... no, mmm-mmm .... I think I'll have a macadamia nut cookie!

I was imagining what the blonde-headed woman was thinking as she stood there bent over peering at those cookies.  I saw her straighten up and wait... I 'knew' her mind was made up... she didn't look at the cookies now, she was ready to tell the woman which cookie she wanted.

I watched as the woman walked to the cash register to take the man's money, then... wait on the blonde-headed woman.  I was curious to see 'if' she would select the macadamia-nut cookie.

Sure enough, she chose the macadamia nut cookie!  I 'knew' that she would... I knew she'd choose just the cookie she did!  The reason I know is because... I had stood in that same spot 'thinking about getting that same cookie'.

I had studied the cookies just as she did, taking my time... when I became aware again moments later... I realized that .... for the moment my cookie was the most important thing in my life!

Note:  I didn't get that 'best-looking' cookie... I just looked to see 'which' cookie I 'would have chosen if'.... I had gotten it!  :)))

During deciding, I realized that all sound... everyone else 'faded away' ... while I was in the 'deciding mode'......... that cookie became most important in my world... just for a moment.

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  1. I am adding this comment by Ms Nancy...

    Hi Gloria-------------

    I read your blog and wanted to leave a comment. For some reason I can't get to it when I clicked on your link to take me to the site. All I wanted to say was that I would have chosen the chocolate chip cookie! I don't really like nuts of any kind in my cookies or cake! I do however love a pecan pie!

    If you want to, you can copy and paste that to your comment section of your blog.

    I hope you have a great day! Stay cool!


    Ms. Nancy