Thursday, June 14, 2012




I walked out to the back porch to sit at the glass table.  I was talking to Skip on the phone.  I sat there enjoying feeling the breeze, seeing the sunshine.

I love to sit on the porch, I love the canvas shades with bows on them... I like to see the bows move gently as the breeze sways them back and forwards.  I love 'looking out' seeing the big, fluffy white clouds moving, shifting shapes.

It was so pleasant sitting there talking to Skip when... I sat up alittle straighter in my chair.  I was studying the air in front of me.... I saw in 'one spot' a long, wispy 'smoke'.  I couldn't understand 'why' it was only in that one spot.

I began looking around trying to see the source it was coming from.  I've been afraid of anything that looks like smoke since we lost everything in a housefire in 2004.

I was beginning to go on high alert... to find that 'smoke'.  Strangely... it 'wasn't coming from anywhere'... it stayed in that 'one spot'!

I began describing it to Skip, telling him that on 'each side of that 'smoke', at the top and bottom of it'.......... there wasn't anymore of it coming from any direction... not at all!

I've seen many strange things in my life... so, I'm accepting of things happening that have... no explanation.  I instantly thought of Tommy....

The last time I'd ever seen that 'wispy smoke' was when my Aunt Frankie sent me a big, brown envelope with some of my Grandma Alma's flowers (from her funeral) in it.

When I opened it... a 'wispy smoke' flowed 'up' from it into the air.  I looked around to see if my cousin, Jimmy.... (who'd come to visit me) was smoking a cigarette... he wasn't!

Wispy smoke in the air 'trying to take shape'.  It wasn't like the 'smoke' that filled our bedroom where my mother's ashes sat on the mantelpiece over the fireplace.  That room looked like a 'smoke-filled room with no smell'.

This 'wispy smoke' might measure approximately 3 feet in length.... it appeared to be 'slanted' in the air... sort of like how smoke comes from a cigarette, but, alittle 'thicker'.

As I was describing this strange sight to Skip ... the wispy smoke 'seemed for a moment to move around quickly'.... my mind wondered... is it going to take shape.... am I going to see Tommy?  I watched closely... I really was expecting to see.....................

I know such things are possible.  It didn't take shape to be Tommy, it stayed in the air for several minutes until... it disappeared in front of my eyes.

I sat there... looking, waiting to see if it'd reappear... it didn't.  I sat there... disappointed.  I just felt...........felt.......... sad.

A second thing happened just several days later... to make me feel strange.

My next story will be about that.... 'A SECOND THING HAPPENED TO MAKE ME FEEL STRANGE'...... (THAT WAS SO 'TOMMY'!).

Wispy smoke in the air... coming from 'nowhere... it was right there in the air in front of me'.... was it Tommy trying to come back to see me?

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  1. I would definitely feel comfortable saying, "yes that was Tommy trying to come back to you". Why do I say that? You know I live in my grandma's house. Things happen here all the time. If a light is on--it may go off. If the air is calm--I will feel a breeze--for no reason. I could go on and on. When these things happen, I just say OK Gradma I know you are here and that will be that. So don't be surprise if at any time anywhere you see or hear something different or strange because it could be Tommy trying to visit you! Love, Ms. Nancy