Saturday, July 14, 2012

For Now... I Don't Have To Walk Alone

For Now...  I Don't Have To Walk Alone

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

As I walked the halls in my mind
I looked at memories of all kinds
Some I looked at longer
But, some I can't until I'm stronger

I peeped into a room I saw Tommy's smile
Tommy, my son .... my only child
I walk a little farther down the hall
I turn around, I thought I heard my name called

I walk several doors down
To look all around
'Mama, I love you', I heard a little boy, Tommy... say
As I looked into this room... I wanted to stay

One can't stay in memories forever
They are for looking back, to forget never
Memories, good and bad
So happy....... so sad

I wanted to stay in the memory room of  Tommy
As a little boy, when he used to say 'I want my mommy'
I can only visit my memories now, to see my son
My child, my only one

I peep into another room to see what's there
I see Tommy as a teenager running, the sun shining on his golden hair
I walk to another room to see the memory it holds
I go room to room... to see the memories unfold

In one room I see Tommy as a little boy riding his bike
In another room I see him flying a kite
Both memories he has a big smile
How I miss you my precious child

I really want to look closer, it hurts too bad
The memories I see all make me sad
I will mentally walk out of those memories
I can't stay here for now, they... hurt me

I love you, Tommy, with my heart
I never knew you'd be gone, we would again... be apart
I cry many tears of diamonds, somehow I never drown
I come back out of the hall of memories... as I look around

It's time to begin my day
The grief in my heart is always there, more than my words can say
My precious Son, my only child is gone
Thank-God for Skip, my Pups... for now, I don't have to walk alone


  1. That poem is absolutely beautiful!!! It is also heartbreaking and loving. I never knew you could write poems like that. You are constantly surprising me! Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Thank-you, Ms Nancy. You made me feel really good. Love, Gloria