Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love You, Skip... I Hope You Feel Better Today

I Love You, Skip... I Hope You Feel Better Today

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My feelings this morning are 'blue' as the morning sky.  Skip got overheated yesterday and was sick all evening, night.  He doesn't feel well this morning.  I worry about him.  Skip is my world, he and our Pups are all I have.

I can't think of what my world would be without them.  I won't think any farther because, I see the color 'black'.... darkness.  I am going to 'stay in today, now'... the possibility of wonder happy colors could happen any moment now....

For even one pup,or Skip to be sick... causes alarm in me.  I begin to worry, I won't relax until I see Skip feel better, 'know' he is really better.  I will constantly monitor him without him knowing it.... by feeling, sensing, listening.

He didn't realize it was as hot as it was yesterday.  I understand 'why'.  Sitting under the tree on the picnic table yesterday was pleasant.  A nice breeze was blowing to cool one's skin.  Talking to friends while being out and about, standing out in the hot sun wasn't a good idea... especially when the heat index was the highest.

In my mind as I look at Skip... I visualize a 'golden circle of protection' around him as he moves around in daily life.  I've done that always... visualize a golden circle around my loved ones, strangers, animals too close to the road... even myself from time to time, if I remember 'me'.

I visualize a golden circle 'around my readers'.... my family..... strangers... I have to 'feel' all of you because I can't see and know everyone of you.  I'm happy to say that I know alot of 'you'.

You all mean the world to me.... my color for you in my mind when I think of .......'all of you'........ is.... sunshine yellow.  You are the sunshine in my life each day... when you comment to me... the sun shines even brighter.

You are very important to me.  I have to stop from time to time to tell you... you just wouldn't know this if I didn't tell you.  You all mean the world to me.  Pure yellow, happy sunshine.

This morning I lay awake as I listened to Skip.  I could tell he didn't feel well by the way he was sleeping.  I woke up through the night when he got up.  I felt my heart 'squeezing' in worry.....

As I lay there, thoughts were flitting through my mind about what to write about today.  My thoughts were like a flock of birds... each paused long enough for me to 'see' it... to know 'what each bird was about'.....  alot of those birds had dark colors... colors I don't want to see.

Some began to be pink, green, white, yellow, fuschia, blue, orange, red, violet.... happy colors.  Some of those 'birds' began to be funny, happy, entertaining.

I'm not always sad, it's not my nature to feel sad, unhappy all the time.  I do have alot of happy colors to write about.... sometimes, it's hard to get back to them.

I heard Skip softly moan in his sleep.  I knew he wasn't feeling well, I reached my hand out to touch his head, gently rub his forehead.  Softly, I told him 'I'm sorry you aren't feeling well'.

Skip is all happy colors in my life... so, are our two Pups.  When I'm with them, my world is alright... even when it isn't always.

I hope you feel so much better today, my husband.  I love you.  You are my very world.  I love you with my very heart.  Love Your Wife, Gloria

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