Thursday, July 5, 2012

If I Won A Lottery...

If I Won A Lottery...

by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

Skip and I were talking today about winning a huge amount of money on a lottery ticket.... :)))  Anything is possible, people do it all the time.  Truthfully, the most I ever won was forty dollars.

Skip told me that I would have lots of friends if I were to win alot of money.  I told him that the friends I have now, at this time, are my only friends.  It made me dream for a few minutes... everyone needs to dream sometimes, see in one's mind the things they would do, love to do, actually see themselves doing them, 'feel' themselves doing them.  That's how things can 'magically' happen.  I believe in miracles.

Back to dreaming... I would remove myself and make me unavailable if I won alot of money.  I might would do like 'Undercover Boss'... get in disguise and mingle around different places listening, observing.

I would be looking for people who wish for something special, need something important... I would never let them know I could be one who could help a wish, or several wishes... come true.

I don't have to walk in alot of people's shoes because... I already 'know how alot of different shoes feel like'.  I would know what to look for, where to go to make good things happen.

Of course, I would take care of mine and Skip's dreams, wishes at the same time.  We and our Pups... would move to a bigger home, upgrade our vehicles.  We would still be the same people.  We would pay off bills we keep putting off to pay others...that would bring us peace of mind.

I would put aside four sizeable amounts of money for Taban and his mother, for McKenzie and her mother.  Each would have their own money from us.

I have two special friends I would put aside sizeable amounts of money for, Ms Nancy and Tori.

I would also, do the same for several cousins whom I've come alittle closer to in the past months.

I would not forget my two brothers Wm Ernest and David, my nephews and my sister, Teresa.  I would do the same for them.

There are people I care for, like.  I would do something special for each of them.

One special thing I would want to do just for 'me'... have a huge white art studio with lots and lots of windows, sliding glass doors.  I would love for all the walls to be white with beautiful mirrors all around.... with white cabinets, countertops, drawers, shelves and beautiful double sinks.

In the middle of the room I would like a big island with white countertops to work at on art projects.  I would want my floor to be white, sparkling like diamonds... have a inside waterfall sing to me water songs all the time.  I would also, love to have a huge aquarium with happy-colored fish swimming with joy.  My fish would be happy fish...

I would love to have thousands of happy colors in paints, pastels, oils and acryllics, inks, markers and coloring pencils.  I would love to have every kind of paint brush, lots of canvases, card stock, and art supplies.  I would love to have the most special easel and stool to carry to sit and paint clouds.  I would take 'millions' of art lessons to help me improve on all that I've learned to do through the years.

These are some of the things I would do if I won a lottery.  I would make 'happy colors' everywhere I go, and put them in alot of people's lives.  I would see how many smiles I could create to... match mine... 'if' I won a lottery.

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  1. Wow! Do we think alike or what??? If I won the lottery or even inherited a lot of money I would be just like you! I always said, "if they are not my friends now, they will not be my friends after I win". You know I would share with you and Skip and there would not be any arguing about it! We have been friends all our life and that will not change----money or no money! It is so nice to dream though isn't it? I like this kind of dream. Love, Ms. Nancy