Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'll Spank-Spank Your Tail !

I'll Spank-Spank Your Tail!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I woke up this morning with a heavy pressure on my head, my toes felt numb... I couldn't move.  What's wrong with me! What's wrong with me!

My mind was trying to identify the 'pressure', the 'numbness' as I fought to raise myself from the bed.  I realized that I was 'on the very edge' of the bed, almost falling off.

I just couldn't understand... I was trying to wake up.  The pressure lifted off my head and as quickly... I felt a pain in my back as it 'fell' on my side, slid down my back... the pressure was on my back, pushing me from my warm, comfortable place in bed.  It hurt so much!

Oh.... my poor toes!  Why were they so numb, they seemed to be coming alive just as.... I felt a 'raking' on the calf of my leg!  What in the world?

I wanted to sleep longer, I looked up at the clock ... it was only 4:00 am.  I laid there as I felt 'the pressure' become more intense in my back, almost pushing me out of bed, onto my feet.  The pressure... the pain.....

It really was hurting me, I was in physical discomfort!  The 'raking' sensation' had left my calf.  My toes felt ... awful.  They were numb, stiff....

I wiggled them, stretched them to no avail.  The numbness was staying.  I tried to 'push' back against 'the pressure' in my back.  It was definitely staying.... I relaxed, found that 'maybe' I could lay there... just a little longer.

I made it to 5:00 am, until I couldn't take it any longer!  The very real discomfort of pain, pressure, numbness had taken its toll on my body.  I had to get up.

I didn't have far to go... there was only several inches between me.... and the air that ..... led to the floor.  I was getting ready to be another victim!

Another victim to hit the floor at ...... Kissy Fairchild's paws!  Skip was his first victim some time ago!

The 'pressure' on my head was Kissy sitting... yes, literally sitting on my head!  Sitting ...on... my... head!  That big, giant (two adjectives, but... it's needed here!  :))) .... Pup was actually sitting on my head.  I know he was smiling as he did!

I tried to move my head and began pushing him.... he went to my back and 'fell' on my side, slid his body down onto the bed as tight as he could be to me!  He isn't aware of his strength!  More pressure on/in my back ... pushing me out of bed.

I held my ground for an hour... while Sweet Chadwick 'worked on my feet'!  He was laying on my feet, numbing my toes to where I couldn't feel them anymore!

When I wouldn't get up, he took his slender paw, began using it like a hand, 'raking' my leg to tell me to 'get up'.

I 'held my ground for one hour' before I had to let go.... I had to give up.  They won!  As I got up from the bed, they began to wrestle in glee!

Those Pups had won, they 'knew' it!  They were 'laughing and giggling' as I got up.... I 'know' they were.

I walked over to Skip's side of the bed... he seemed to have plenty of room 'for one time' :)))  They must have decided to give him a break because he is sick.

I bent down to see his face in the nightlight, to make sure he was breathing, sleeping okay.  We've always done this through time, as we both have been very ill from time to time.

Skip was sleeping quietly, I heard him breathing softly.  My heart felt good about him, and I smiled with love for him.  I quietly tiptoed out of the room... to the bathroom to brush my teeth!

When I first get up I have to brush my teeth... feel the cleanliness, freshness of having done so.  I love to brush my teeth just as I love my shower.... bubbles ... happy bubbles!

Yes, my teeth are real... I have most all my teeth.  I was asked that several times... I thought I would mention it while I had opportunity to do so!  :)))   I couldn't brush them if I didn't, ha!

While I brushed them... I thought .... I now know what... toothpaste must feel like.  When we put pressure on the tube to squeeze it out to go on the brush!  Kissy was putting pressure on me, squeezing me out of the bed!

Do you know why?  Because those Pups wanted their breakfast!

P. S.

 UPDATE:    Just as I ended this... guess who came up the hall, entered the living room to jump on me?  Kissy!  He ran to 'big- foot me', land on my lap with part of his huge body.  He's so big!

Not only that!  I heard Skip coming behind him saying 'here comes me and Kissy'!  My heart felt good hearing his voice... his voice sounds strong again!

He came into the living room to sit on the couch....smiling at Kissy on my lap, 'bigfooting' me.  Chadwick sat on the couch behind him to snuggle.

I asked Skip how did he feel this morning.... Skip feels so much better!  He drank Pedialyte, Gingerale, and had Gatorade last night.  He just told me that he ate a bowl of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup while I was asleep last night.

Thank-you, Barbara ... I was so worried when Skip didn't want to go to the ER... when you called me, I felt calmer.  You helped me while I was in Walmart trying to pick out what would help him.

So, at this very moment... all is well in Granny Gee's life... she is smiling in happiness.  Skip is almost well, strong again.  In happiness I just 'spank-spanked' Kissy's ..... 'star' butt!

Saying 'I'll spank-spank your tail'!  He loves it!

P.P.S....... it made me think of Tommy.  He would have answered in a laughing voice if someone told him that.... and say .... 'don't threaten me with a good time'!!!

I had to add this, Tommy was so funny, full of jokes, and a wonderful sense of humor.  He and Skip loved to try to out-do each other.... when Tommy would use Skip's good jokes, or sayings..... Skip would say 'he's using my jokes'!  and grin!

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