Friday, July 27, 2012

Perpetual Grief... Tears

Perpetual Grief.....Tears

When I begin to feel better, sigh with relief
I'm back in the spin of ... never-ending perpetual grief

I can't seem to be free of pain through all these years
I have learned my best friends are grief and tears

I've always been told to choose my friends with care
watch out for 'bad' people, just beware

Never did I hear of the 'friends' that chose me
Perpetual grief, tears that won't let me be

Perpetual grief, tears that dominate my life
while I keep trying to be a good person, a good wife

They threaten to overwhelm me, pull me down
I get up, dust my pants as I ... look around

Life... I will meet you 'head-on', you've hurt me so much
I still love you, I'm positive too, happy colors and ... such!

Perpetual grief... and tears... I will know always
I'm going to be alright, I mean to for the rest of my ... days

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