Thursday, July 19, 2012

Someone's Talking In My Handbag....

Someone's Talking In My Handbag...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I kept hearing a far away voice, I turned to look, I see no one.  Skip, do you hear that, I asked.  Of course, Skip didn't hear it.  :)))

We go into the waiting room... we sit after I signed in  I looked around ... there is that voice again.  I can't figure it.

I opened my handbag to take a bottle of water from it... that voice is coming from inside it!  Where is it coming from?

As I took my hand to move things this way, that way... I realized I had put my cellphone in my handbag.  I don't usually do that.  I could hear someone talking.

As I picked the cellphone up, it went silent.  I was glad because I realized what happened... I've done this before.  When I put the cellphone back into its case, buttons were pressed... making a call that I didn't choose to make.  :)))

I was glad it went silent... my face felt red, I was too embarassed to say what happened.  So, if it was 'you', and you're reading now... hey, I'm very sorry... I'm ducking my head in shame now!  :)))

Oh... Skip and I were 'gossiping'... I hope you didn't hear that, either... hopefully, the 'walls' of my handbag prevented that, ha!  I'm just saying............................................ :)))

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  1. Ha! I know how that is! My phone is set so that it will tell me who is calling. It talks to me when it rings. I like that because I will know if I want to talk or not to this person. It is neat. If I put it on vibrate, it won't talk to me but the call still comes through! Happy talking! Love, Ms. Nancy