Thursday, July 19, 2012

When You Turn Your Back....

When You Turn Your Back...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Did you know that someone thinks of you when you don't know it?  They wonder how you are doing in your life, though they don't keep in contact.

Did you know that someone says prayers for you, your family to have a good life without things to hurt you?  To always be safe in all that you do...

Someone cares about you, though they never let you know.  You can be walking through a doorway ... someone never sees your face... yet that someone says a prayer for you to have a good life, for things to be going well in your life.

You can be walking down the street, someone sees your face full of worry, fatigue from living life..... someone cares, someone says a prayer for you.

You could drive by in an old, beat-up car that smokes, rattles.... someone says a prayer for you, prays that you can get a nice, dependable car soon in your life.... prays that you have food at home, and all will be alright for you.

Animals lay on the roads 'everywhere'... cars have struck them, killing them.  Someone's heart hurts, someone says a prayer that... that animal never suffered.

Seeing you walk away ... someone looks at your back and sends such good feelings, wishes to follow you in your life.  Someone prays all will be good in your life, wishes all good things to come your way.

Turn around sometimes ... look at the person you just passed.  You might see a soft, kind smile... someone may have just sent well-wishes, a prayer ... when you turned your back.

I do.......... no matter that I like, don't like you.  I do...... even not knowing you.  I care about people, animals.  I say prayers all the time, I wish good all the time.... to your face, when you turn your back.

I wish life to be kind to you, all to go right.  I know how it feels to walk many of life's paths that have been full of pain, grief from losing home, loved ones.... needing money, needing things, nothing going right.... I know how so much feels.... it hurts so bad.

That's why I say prayers, wish good things when I see you.... even when you walk off, when you turn your back.


I hope that happens behind my back.  Sometimes... I see people make fun, laugh at others.... instead of caring.  I don't do that ... I can't make fun of people in need, grieving, their circumstances.

So, know when you are where my eyes see you, no matter that I know or don't know you... it doesn't matter.... my heart cares, and I will say a prayer, send good wishes behind you... when you turn your back.

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  1. I think this could be why I care and love you my friend! You are such a caring person and you always have me and my family in your prayers. You keep praying for me and my family and we will keep praying for you and sending you good wishes too! Love, Ms. Nancy