Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Message For ALL Of My Family Members Who Are Left... So We Don't Forget

A Message To ALL Of My Family Members Who Are Left...
So We Don't ... Forget

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I'd like for other family members to send me their most special memory of George, Grandma Alma ... or any family member whom they wish to remember always.

I know there are many funny memories of George and Grandma Alma as they were always 'fussing'... it was their way to deal with the life given to them.

Tell it like it really is... they were as 'real' as people get... they loved with their very hearts despite being paralyzed, blind.

I will add it here on my blog, so it'll always be here for someone to read.  So.... we won't forget.

I don't think special people deserve to be forgotten... they were real people once.  Even 'bad' people should be remembered.....  how else can someone who wonders ... know if there's nowhere to find that information?

I'd like to share my blog with any family members... here is an 'open door' for you to be a guest on my blog to talk, write about someone you want to remember for something... at anytime you decide to, as many times as you want to.  My blog is an open platform to you.... my family members.

I hope you'll take advantage of it.  I welcome you all with my heart... all of you.  There's no one that I would say 'no' to.  I have many cousins, and their children, and children 'by their children'..... if you read this... know I would welcome you here.

Just email me privately at  ..........  I care about everyone... just alot of you don't know it.

I'm always here...  I know you have special memories of certain family members in 'our family'.... that was kind at one time or other.
The reason I say 'kind'.... is because so many of us have known alot of grief, abuse, meanness growing up.  It's only us cousins and our children who are left now.... though 'now'... I don't have my child

I never met my mother's father, he died when she was little.  His name was 'Glenn'.......

I don't know my father's father's name... it has been lost in the shuffle of time in my mind.  When I try to think 'back'... there's a 'mental block' there.... maybe one day I'll remember...  I never knew him as he died before I came along.  I 'did know of him'.

I hope everyone will think of something they would like to remember... it doesn't matter how many memories, or how many times in the future you want to remember..................... remember this...........

Here... you are always welcomed to remember.... so that we don't... forget.

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  1. This is Ms Nancy's comment (For now she is sending her comments until she can get back on her own computer).............................

    Hi Gloria---------

    This is what I would write on your blog:

    Gloria you are a very wonderful and kind person! Of all the things that have happened to you in the past, you still welcome your family and their comments to be your guest! I don't really know of anyone else that has that kind of heart. I guess that is one thing that really makes you a special person. No one wonder I have always admired you and love you as a very dear friend. Apparently your heart is as big as the sky and deeper than the ocean! I am very proud to have you as my friend! Love, Ms. Nancy