Wednesday, August 15, 2012



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I walked up the steps into the old store
That George operated by himself
I looked into the glass display cabinet
At the bars of candy... penny candy... bubble gum

I want some candy, I thought to myself
I would like a Mary Jane, or a Bit-of-Honey
No!  I want those red wax lips I see there
My mouth waters as I remember how good they are!

I see the BB Bats, and Sugar Babies neatly stacked
Oh my!  I see my favorite candy bar of them all
Seven-Up bars, I loved the orange part covered with chocolate!

My eyes moved to the drink machine, so did my body
A little girl stood there deciding what to pick
She saw a Orange Crush in the water with ice floating around
I want that drink, she thought

George, may I have a drink and candy bar
She asked the blind man standing there
I have a dime and nickel, some pennies
Do I have enough?

George said "Faye, pick a drink and candy bar out"
She picked out the Seven Up candy bar, the Orange Crush
Thank-you, George
I was so thirsty from running, playing

George smiled his soft, special smile at her
George loved children, treated them good
Children loved George
Faye was no exception

As she neared the door, Faye looked in the corner
She almost dropped her drink!
Oh George, you have to see
There's a giant spider on a web in the corner!

George turned his head, looked in the corner
There he 'saw' that spider with his sightless eyes
"It's just a big garden spider, is it black and yellow?"
"Yes, George, it's black and yellow"

It won't hurt you, Faye
Now, you run along and play
She went through the door, down the steps
Ready for adventure, she went her way


***George was my step-grandfather... I only knew him as grandfather, though I called him 'George'.  I never knew another grandfather in my life...

George was a special man, I will write more about him.  I loved him with my heart... I wish as a child I could have just appreciated him so much more than I did.

How could I have known?  A child has to learn as they grow up so many things... sometimes it takes... years.  It took me many years to realize just how special George was to everyone through time... I had to grow up... to understand.

I will write more about George... he deserves to be remembered, never forgotten.


  1. Hi Gloria------------

    Here is what I would write on your blog:

    I remember George too. Seems like I remember he had a little store too. I don't remember ever going to the store. Seems like I remember seeing him walk around in the yard with his cane. Isn't it strange how blind people can do and tell the difference in things? George would have to know the difference in monies to run his store. I don't know how he did it but I was always told that George could tell the difference between a $1 bill and a $5 bill. Coins were easier to tell the difference I assume because of their size and thickness. I have to agree with you---George was a special person! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. George went to blind school where he learned to know the difference in money, and such things. He was amazing... I'm just sorry his life was so sad and full of turmoil... both his and Grandma's. George was a good man. You are right, he was very special. Love, Gloria

  2. George was awesome. Many times, I would see him walking towards Franklinton with his cane. He and my father would share a 'drink' together in private so that my Grndma would not see them. She would give them both hell for that. I do beleive that George would have given you has last nickel, or the shirt off of his back. He too, was the only Grandfather I ever knew, and man...he could cook up some fried egg sandwiches! Just don't get caught in between the spats that he and Grandma would have.!

    1. You are so right... it was best to let them 'fuss it out', and not get caught in one. :))) Though it was serious, it would make us children laugh... we really learned some 'good' words... thankfully 'they didn't wash out anyone's mouth with Ivory soap!'