Friday, August 3, 2012

I Saw My Nephews In Walmart For The First Time As... Adults

I Saw My Nephews In Walmart For The First Time As... Adults

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I was walking in Walmart not so very long ago enjoying looking at all the bright, colorful things for sale.  I love to go to Walmart... everyone loves to go to Walmart.

You can find most any kind of household thing you want.  We like to buy our groceries there sometimes.   I like both Walmart, Target.  I can't tell you which I like best.

Target makes me happy with the red, orange, pink colors.  They are colors that at one time would have clashed in an awful way.  Do you remember when we were little... one would 'never' wear red and orange, much less add pink with it.  I love those colors now!  Happy colors!

Well, I was walking around in Walmart, my eyes taking in all the 'happy colors', picking up things I needed when....

I kept on walking past the aisle thinking about the two, tall guys I just saw.  They were standing there looking at exercise products, talking to each other.  Two very handsome, good-looking guys.  I kept thinking 'there's something familiar about them'......

I stopped in mid-track, backed up slowly with my shopping cart to take another look down that aisle.  Yes, they sure look familiar... my, they were very nice-looking young men.

I called their names, they looked up to see me... I saw a smile on their face...  and recognition.  These two, fine-looking young men were my nephews.  They were grown-up now.

I hugged them, talked to them.  I hadn't seen them in so long.  It was a special few moments.  I went on my way thinking how strange it was... to see my nephews in Walmart as young adults... for the first time!  Amazing....

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  1. Ms Nancy's comment:

    I am sure it was very nice to see your nephews and in Wal*Mart! Once in a blue moon, I come across people I had not seen in a long. I seldom meet a family member that I hadn't seen in a long time. I think you had a very nice surprise!!


    Ms Nancy