Monday, August 13, 2012

I Wonder ... Why?

I Wonder ... Why?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I sat outside on the porch in the sunshine
It was fall time, the evening cool
I was writing a letter to my friend
When I noticed my hair was shining

My hair was shining gold, it sparkled
I felt such happiness as I held a tress in my hand
I sat there for several moments before releasing it
I loved this moment... it was special

I walked into the house, sat down at my desk
I looked at the window and noticed
The sunshine shining through the white blind
making silhouettes on the opposite wall

There was a silhouette of the blind in detail
A silhouette of the flowers in a pot
I don't know why but....
This is a special moment to me, too

Through the years I've enjoyed such moments
I've been in different places when they occur
Nevertheless... I stop to marvel at how they affect me
Because my heart feels such a happiness

I wonder why... I wonder what about these moments
Affect me in such a special way
That I stop what I'm doing just so, I can
Enjoy them to the fullest, with happiness in my heart?

I wonder ...why?

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  1. Ms Nancy's comment:

    guess sometimes we all have things we wonder about. Sometimes it is good stuff and sometimes not so good. I remember your beautiful curls you always had! I remember being jealous of your hair! I am glad you had some wonderful thoughts of some good times. Love, Ms. Nancy