Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lena In Sweden...

Lena In Sweden...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Lena, what can I say
Excepting no words I can say
Can describe the sister/friendship we had
How we were in contact daily for twelve years

I lived in the United States, you lived in Sweden
It was such fun learning from each other
About the many ways our different cultures
Were different from the other

We sent each other wonderful boxes
Filled with good things for the other to taste
With fun things to wear from each other's country
We sent beautiful letters, cards

For twelve years we wrote, never got to meet
Each other... it didn't matter we already knew the other
We did get to hear each other's voices over the phone
I've never forgotten how your voice sounds, Lena

I loved you as my best systervan, you were my family
You meant the world to me
I just wanted you to know
That I'll never forget you, Lena... never

Love Your Systervan, Gloria

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  1. I think what you and Lena had was a special kind of friendship. Although you two never met in person, you had something in common with each other-----your health. You both went through so much of the same issues. I am so sorry your friend Lena is not here to converse with you each day. I know you cared so much for her. I am not Lena but I am here for you each day! Love, Ms. Nancy