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She Says Everyone Is A Victim Of The Past... Of Generations Before

She Says Everyone Is A Victim Of The Past... Of Generations Before

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Shoot before asking questions.  'If they survive'... ask questions later.

Hate with all your heart anyone who tries to be good, to be a better person, or to fight and dare pull yourself up to be somebody....

If they've ever made a mistake... never forgive or forget... but, be sure to try to blackmail, threaten them whenever they try to do good in life.  Sneer at them out of hate, anger, jealousy... grind your teeth when saying their names.........

Let fire come from your hateful eyes when seeing, thinking about the 'goody-good shoes' as you call this woman, or any other family member who tries to hold themselves up ...from drowning in the pit of .... hell..........

Superiority complex... even when having nothing, thinking one is better than the other, or smarter... when they are neither.  God help them when they do have anything....

Domination... they have to dominate by holding someone down, so... they can have someone 'look up to them'.... 'control their asses'.......

Cut down a child when it isn't protected by its parents... beat it, slap it around, kick it ... there's no one around to protect it.  Oh... I forgot... don't forget to rape or molest it.  Scream at it, making sure it knows it isn't as good as 'your children' ... make sure it knows it can never be anything in life... destroy it.

Make sure you let that child know you have things it wished it had but, no one would get for them.. make it cry because you rubbed it in... hurt that child good... it deserves it for being born.

Make that child hate, make it very angry... make it a part of the family that is ... a nest of black widow spiders, mostly all female... mostly angry females who want to bite, destroy because they are never happy, satisfied....

Mold your children into being like you... greedy, mean, narrow-minded, always looking for ways to take advantage of others, try to get that dollar any way you can manipulate, con, blackmail, threaten someone out of it.

I know a family who is just like this.  You wouldn't recognize them because they smile, they are kind just like you and I.  They look like everyone else... so sweet, so loving.  So are... serial murderers....

God help the ones who become their victim... when the 'black widow spider' strikes!  She's all over the victim, trying to paralyze it so, she can eat it... destroy it.

Ruthless... if the victim has money... the black widow spider 'is going to possess it'... she justifies 'why' it should be 'hers'.  The few males born in that family... are like them... they are lucky they get to survive... the scars they carry in life.........

Make the victim helpless before striking... shoot it, knock its legs out from under it before.... letting them 'know why' you are attacking them.

Better yet... don't ever offer an explanation of 'why you attacked'... just do it.

They are proud of how 'mean, strong, and vicious' they are.  It's quite a sight when someone gets the best of them.... they begin to crawl into hiding, locking up behind them so, no one can follow... to give them their 'medicine back'.... to give them what they deserve after mistreating people so unfairly, being so cruel to them.

It's so strange...  this goes way back through generations.  The ones left grew up knowing it was called a 'family name streak'.... yet one could put words to it... but, they recognized it when another began displaying signs of it.

King of the mountain... I'm bigger than you are... come through me to get it... I can outbest you...  I will beat you physically to show you who is boss...

These are just a few things I know about this family... sadly, their children will never know until later in life.... all of this has happened 'before them'... they've done nothing 'new'... they are just newer members of a family that 'goes way back'... all have had the 'family name streak'.  Some more, some less....

That's not to say that there aren't good people in that family.  I know some of them personally.. they all carry battle scars they earned trying to survive their childhood, trying to learn how to grow up, from such pain inflicted upon their hearts, bodies.  They never get over it, they learn to live with it.  They also, learn to stay away from their own families... sometimes from even their own children!

I know of a recent incident... where the child of a woman's brother, whom she loved dearly... was attacked verbally 'out of the blue'.  She never one time in life did anything to hurt that child, or its family... never.  I know this woman... she doesn't even feel mad now about it... only pain in her heart.  She says she knows that 'both her and the child are victims of the past'... she knows it, but... the child doesn't know it... yet.

She made an innocent comment to the child about a banner she saw for the college.  She thought of him, was proud and happy that he was soon going to begin college.

Out of the blue, he began attacking her with words to the effect... 'you never came to see us, you stayed away all these years excepting when we helped you with a project, and several years later helped you move, you hurt me'........

The sad thing is that this woman knew what he was talking about.... but, what she couldn't tell him was the reasons for that... it didn't have anything to do with her love for them.  She just asked him this.... 'is it possible that you could .... forgive me?'  He never answered her.. never.

How could she tell him that when she and her husband did come to see them through the years, their mother wouldn't come out of the bedroom because she was still asleep, or that they weren't invited inside for always some reason... the house wasn't clean or someone's asleep.

How could she tell him that even he didn't seem to think it a big deal when they came by periodically to see them.  How could she tell him that she tried to have a relationship... by calling sometimes.  How could she tell him that.... no one ever called back, including him?  No one ever come to see them, including him when he got his drivers' license, was old enough to choose where he wanted to go.... how she only lived maybe 5-6 miles from him?

She didn't bother to tell him that she 'knew why'... and she never held it against any of them.  She was older, she already had 'grown up' in that family.... she had more scars than he'd ever have in his life surviving such a family.

She didn't bother to remind him of anything because he was a child .... if he couldn't remember any of those things he wouldn't believe her.  Because he began to be very ugly, disrespectful of her for the first time in his life... when he said this to her ....'oh yeah, when did that happen?'

He said this when she mentioned to him several things including the death of her son, his first cousin.  He ..... didn't know .... anything.

He didn't know she almost died... that his whole family drove by blowing the horn, waving ... while she sat on the front porch in a daze from drugs that were saving her life... she'd just survived major surgery to remove a large mass off her left lung resting against her heart... non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Not one of her family members ever came to her bedside excepting for deceased brother, one of her aunts... they each came one time.

Her mother, nor the man she loved as her father came.  For months she fought the battle of life just to survive... only to have her mother ask her 'you have cancer?!!!'

Her mother 'forgot'.... when her husband had called her to tell her how bad off her daughter was.... how she waited laying there deathly ill just 'knowing her mama would crawl to get to her if she knew something was wrong with her child'............ afterall, didn't her stepfather tell her how much her mother loved her, how she'd crawl to get to her if something happened to her?  This woman 'had to crawl to see her mother, deathly ill ... wanting to see her mama, to draw comfort that wasn't there... from her'.

No one ever came to see her, no one ever cared.  She didn't hold it against them ever... it hurt this woman, but... she understood 'how they were'.

Also, they all may have lived too far away.... upwards of maybe 5 to 25 miles... away.  This woman said.... they don't mean to be that way, they can't help it... we are all victims of the past.  She said this also... I know they love me anyway, they know I love them.

This woman had even shown her mother and step-father her head... without hair.  She took the beautiful wig off that her husband bought for her to wear... to show them.  She knew that sometimes in her family 'one had to show something in order for it to be believed'.  Her mother smiled at her... no one acted like it was a big deal............................................

This woman never held it against her mother...she knew her mother's youngest sister had for years worked to turn her against her.  All because of jealousy, the need to dominate, control her sisters to 'love only her'... the younger sister was ...very, very sick mentally... though, very, very intelligent.  This woman always loved her, too... she knew 'why' she was like that.

'Why' did this woman love all these people in her family?  I asked her.. her answer was 'to know someone......... is to love them......... know their ways even if they aren't good ways... go past that and....... love them'.  She always loved them... though she didn't allow herself to go near them except in passing when she would be very nice to them, and leave soon as possible.

There were some family members she did care more for......... though she tried not to.  This woman didn't want to feel any more pain than she had in her life...

As for the son of her brother who hurt her to her heart....... when she did get him and his brother to help with her mushroom project... she paid them well for what they did.  When he and his brother and father helped with moving them.... she and her husband paid them well for helping in money, and lots of things given to them.  They never took advantage of them, never.

As the woman told me these things to write about her... she asked me not to reveal her name.  She knows she is recognized by the people she wants to recognize her.  She hasn't done anything wrong to them... she loves them.

She also, said that the little money left over from the insurance policy isn't worth what her nephew said to hurt her... that she felt he 'was a mirror reflecting off his family, reflecting things said'......  they thought she would be out shopping with a whole ....$5,000.

The woman told me how no one else helped her step-father with the funeral arrangement expenses when her mother died, she did.  One family member came with his money... when he left ... he took it back with him, never mentioned it again.

She wishes her nephews only good things in their life... along with her brother.................................. and his wife, whom she defended through the years when no one liked her.  She never said one unkind word about her, she always thought she was a smart girl.  She's only held the highest respect for her, and was glad her brother had her for his wife.

Even through the years people would tell this woman that her nephew's mother didn't like her... she never believed it because, she only held good feelings toward her.  How wrong this woman was... one goes back through time to connect the dots.................

One other thing this woman said to me was the fact that if she'd kept on to be a 'bad' person...... maybe doing drugs, drinking, committing lots of crimes, prostituting and 'all of those 'good' things'.......... her family would have accepted her, loved her through the years.  They damned her, hated her because she tried to be a good person... no matter what 'good' she ever did, said.... it was eventually turned into 'bad' by her family.

The woman I'm writing about...said she loved them... anyway.  The one thing stands out in her mind is how her nephew.... such an innocent person... would hurt her so deeply.... this woman is the one their step-father left a $5,000 insurance policy to ... did her nephew hear talk that his aunt was 'rich' and would be spending $5,000 'to have a good time'... and not split it with her brother?

If so, hopefully her nephew will read the story she just wrote concerning it.  Also... her nephew will have to be so much older to ever understand any of what he's reading.  He 'just doesn't know'... he may never know.  It depends on how he goes on to expand his mind as well as in his love of sports.  She thinks he'll do both.

I've been in contact with this woman alot lately... she is a 'part of my family, someone I care about'.  It doesn't matter if she doesn't want her name to be used.... the main people who subscribe, read my blog...will most definitely know who she is.

Just remember... that woman said she still loves all of you even, if she never sees or hears from you again.  She only sends good thoughts, wishes to you all.  She realizes just saying that can incite anger, hate just like 'pouring gas on a fire'.... you all will believe only what you want to believe as long it makes you feel good/bad.... whatever feeling you are seeking.

This woman said she loves me, too.. for getting her message here where her family will see, know... even at the risk of more turning against her... she can cope with that, also.  She's learned to be 'damn strong' in her lifetime now.

She understands 'why'... she says 'everyone is a victim of the past, of generations before.......'  It has nothing to do 'with love'.  Everyone is a victim of the past... of generations before.....

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