Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'Smoke' In The Air...

'Smoke' In The Air...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

I sat on the porch that day on the phone talking
I got up and began walking
Toward the edge of the porch to see
A 'smoke' in the air a few feet from me

I watched it closely as it drifted around
It moved about in the air without making a sound
I 'know' there are things I'll never understand
I know about miracles, see things because... I can

Without seeing Tommy, I 'knew' it was he
Trying to 'come through' to visit me
Tommy knew how much I loved him with my heart
He'd come back knowing how it hurt me to be apart

Years ago, jokingly we would say
'If' something happened to one of us, we'd find a way
To come back to let the other know that we are 'there'
Come back to comfort, let the other know we care

So, while on the phone with Skip that day
I told him about the smoke in the air, it didn't stay
It slowly faded into thin air
As if it'd never come, never was there

I know my son came for a moment to see me
I felt, I sensed, I knew it was he
Tommy, my son.... my child
I stood there looking at the air with a soft, sad smile

In my mind I was thinking I love you
I always knew you loved me dearly, too
Goodbye for only now... you'll be back to see
I know you'll be back many more times.... to see me

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  1. A comment from Ms Nancy:

    I know sometimes people do come back. I have had signs of my grandmother visiting me. My lights might blink----I have felt wind blowing by me and sometimes things may not be exactly the way I leave them. So yes Gloria, I am sure Tommy comes to visit you from time to time. Don't ever be afraid, I am not afraid. My grandmother didn't hurt me when she was living, she won't hurt me now. I know Tommy would never ever hurt his mother! Love, Ms. Nancy